Agadir Beach

The beach of Morocco, which he loves a lot from inside and outside Morocco, and there are many wonderful activities enjoyed by tourists, including horse riding on the beach, as well as various water sports, it is a wonderful beach in relaxation and wonderful sunbathing, the beach has a very wonderful corniche, and the beach also enjoys With many shops and restaurants.

Beach of Kerzira

This beach is characterized by being a beach surrounded by highlands and high terrain nature, where the hills and mountains adorn it with its beach, it is located in a region called Ait Baamran, not far from the city of Sidi Ifni, so all that continues will not take ten minutes from the city, a beach characterized by splendor and luxury and has one of its lovers Of the many tourists.

Oualidia Beach

A distinguished beach and many tourists know it with its splendor and great tourist stature, as this beach has won the title of blue badge as the best beaches in the state of Morocco for four times, this beach is characterized by the presence of all summer services, especially in the summer, and many concerts that revive life in a way Durable in summer and winter.

Essaouira beach

A distinguished beach is always known in Morocco as the distinctive beach required by Moroccans, this beach acquired the blue brigade ten distinct years on the rest of the beaches in Morocco, the climate in this beach is wonderful throughout the year as the sun shines and the fresh air, this beach often prepares to receive the month of Ramadan Generous to receive visitors as Ramadan comes summer or winter.

Taghazout Beach

It is one of the cleanest beaches that tourists or Moroccans can enjoy, not far from the city of Agadir, but everything separated from it only a few kilos does not take a quarter of an hour by car, the beach has many wonderful activities, and there are also many medium and inexpensive hotels There are simple chalets too, which have a very picturesque village atmosphere.

Dracoon Beach

Beach is characterized by many features, but it is particularly famous for water sports, where it is held every year a high-level water sports rally, which made tourists go to the beach for love in this distinguished rally, this distinctive beach is located in the city of Dakhla, which is located in the southwest of the state of Morocco and specifically on the ocean The Atlantic.
Kimado Beach

A wonderful beach located on the Mediterranean Sea, specifically in the city of Al Hoceima, where there are many beaches, but the truth is said that Kimado Beach is the first beach in the possibilities and splendor, the beach is distinguished despite all the services in it calm and the availability of all amenities, a permanent headquarters for many tourists from all countries of the world With your visit to Morocco, there is no objection to visiting the city of Al Hoceima, which is located on the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy the picturesque nature and the wonderful mountainous terrain nature.

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