Qatar knows the speed of its development and civilization, its growth and the large number of activities that take place in it, as well as its interest in the architectural and artistic aspects.

And not only that, as Qatar is also a great destination for lovers of beach tourism, it includes many small islands, fountains and bays.

As for its beaches, it is characterized by its cleanliness and beauty, which allows many activities and sports to be practiced on its sands.

We at He are offering you the most beautiful beaches of Qatar, so that you can choose it as a distinct destination for your upcoming trips.

Katara Beach

It is the most beautiful and organized beach in Qatar, because it provides great services for both adults and children.

Katara Beach is located in the cultural district of Doha, along an area of ​​1.5 km.

A lot of recreational activities take place on Katara Beach, as well as water games and beautiful scenes that surround it, such as tall towers.

At the beach, you can enjoy a delicious meal in the family section while your children play in the area designated for them, which contains many water games that suit them, in addition to water sports.

What do you think about gondola rides on sparkling water, it really is a rich and wonderful experience.

Al Gharyah Beach

This beach, located in the north of Doha, is a great destination for camping enthusiasts.

Al Ghariya Beach is characterized by its clean sand and calm, so it is an attractive place to relax on weekends.

It is reported that this beach was an ancient camping area for members of the Qatar Scout Movement.

Many creek

Also called “the inner sea”, it is located in the wild in southern Qatar. It is named as a nature reserve by UNESCO.

Hard to reach, as you need a defensive quarter car to cross the dunes on its way, so many tourist companies organize daily trips to the Creek.

In this area, you will see the picturesque dunes, and you can practice many activities such as camping, driving at high speed motorcycles, camping as well as swimming in warm waters.

Maruna Beach

This beach features very fine sand and clean sparkling water.

It is located in the north of Doha at a distance of 80 km, and the beach is known as a 42 km beach.

Fuert Beach

The coastal area of ​​Fuert has a beautiful sandy beach.

On this beach, you can see Mount Fuerte, which is about 64 feet high and consists of limestone.

Specific areas are also fenced on this beach, during the nesting times of turtles, to protect them from extinction.

Al Wakra Beach

The most distinctive destination for hobby practitioners, the harbor at this beach is full of fishing boats.

It is a great destination for families, to meet on clean sands, to listen to some activities such as barbecue, as well as to swim and practice some sports.

Katara Beach
Katara Beach

Katara Beach is a popular destination for tourists and residents

Katara Beach is a popular destination for tourists and residents

Fuwairet Beach in Qatar
Fuwairet Beach in Qatar

Al Wakra Beach
Al Wakra Beach

Magic in Khor Al Adaid Beach
Magic in Khor Al Adaid Beach

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