Learn about the most beautiful scenery in Puncak, Indonesia

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Puncak region is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Indonesia, it is located in the region of West Java and away from the capital, Jakarta, about 100 km.

It is the ideal destination for spending the honeymoon where the charming landscapes and tranquility and the pure natural atmosphere include many natural landscapes such as forests, lakes, mountains, waterfalls and other beautiful landscapes that attract tourists from everywhere to spend enjoyable times in the arms of nature where calm and relaxation.

Nature in Puncak

– Shibudas Botanical Garden, is considered one of the most important and beautiful natural areas in Puncak, a national park founded by “Johannes Elias” and the park is characterized by its height that reaches 1300-1425 meters above sea level.
Lake Warna is one of the most beautiful lakes in Puncak, because it is located in the heights of Dieng, providing visitors with a charming view and a distinctive atmosphere.
– Korog Kempar waterfalls, located in the village of Patulayang, which is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Puncak, where the clear waters that reach a height of 15 meters and pour into a small lake in green color as a result of the growth of plants in it also possesses wonderful natural caves worth exploring.
Learn about the most beautiful scenery in Puncak Indonesia - Learn about the most beautiful scenery in Puncak, Indonesia
– Wisata Ryong Gunung Park, located in the village of Togo, which is a park full of stunning natural landscapes where the mountains around you and the fresh air, and visitors can practice many beautiful recreational activities such as cycling and hiking to explore the park and enjoy the natural beauty.
– Kelmeber Falls, a calm natural area and many go to, according to some sayings that its atmosphere heals diseases.
– Matahari Park, a great destination to enjoy the natural atmosphere and spend a special nature in the arms of nature and to practice distinctive recreational activities such as relaxing in the nature and eating a cup of tea with reading a book or playing football and cycling and taking memorial photos for these moments.
– Agro Gonug tea plantations Puncak region is famous for its many tea plantations. Agro farms are considered one of the beautiful natural areas where the air is fresh and it is fun to have a cup of tea in it.
1581416069 146 Learn about the most beautiful scenery in Puncak Indonesia - Learn about the most beautiful scenery in Puncak, Indonesia
The farms also contain a number of animals, such as monkeys and elephants, and also bamboo and pine trees, and tourist trips are organized to them and the visitor can roam on his feet or ride horses and stroll them in the fields with a guide so that the visitor is not harmed and the visitor enjoys a tour between the tea fields and trees and mountains that are covered in color Green in addition to the blue sky and adventure lovers can parachute in the area or play tennis and swimming.
The farms provide places to spend the night in the middle of nature. These houses are characterized by their traditional style, made of wood and local materials.
– Taman Safari Park, characterized by its large area in Puncak Mountain, which is a great destination for lovers of safari and seeing predators and pets such as tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes and other animals, it includes about 2500 animals and then rare animals such as rhinoceros and white tigers besides the plants scattered in the park are natural surroundings Beautiful It is worth noting that animals are not placed in cages but rather roam freely, but visitors take their tour in the park by bus.
There are kiosks that sell food for animals such as bananas and carrots for visitors to enjoy feeding pets. The garden operates from nine in the morning until five in the evening.
– Kebudas Botanical Gardens, a garden that takes care of plants of various types, such as Mexican pine trees in addition to waterfalls that increase the beauty of the garden. It is worth noting that this garden is located on the top of Gunung Guid Mountain.
– Taman Bunga Gardens for flowers, found in the Java Barat region, which is one of the most beautiful gardens of Puncak and Indonesia in general, because it contains flowers from all over the world, so the garden gives a wonderful view worth seeing and taking souvenir photos for it.
1581416069 322 Learn about the most beautiful scenery in Puncak Indonesia - Learn about the most beautiful scenery in Puncak, Indonesia
– The Seven Waterfalls region, the Seven Waterfalls area shows the beauty of nature in Puncak, where it reaches a height of more than 40 meters and is found in the tropical rainforests, so the humidity rises, which is a favorite area for families to enjoy hiking among the dense trees and seeing the waterfalls, which is a strong flow and visit the butterfly garden in it. The largest butterfly garden in Indonesia.


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