Learn about the most important open buffet restaurants in Medina

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Mandara Restaurant Pullman Hotel

With its majestic design, this elegant modern restaurant reminds you of a luxurious balcony in one of the ancient palaces. Oriental atmosphere, international cuisine, and views of the Prophet’s Mosque capture the heart and soul. With its unique location on the last floor of the Pullman Zamzam Al Madinah Hotel, Al Mandara Restaurant offers a range of international dishes in a way that reflects the hospitality and authentic Arab generosity. Spoil yourself in this fresh and fresh buffet that abounds in delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Al Safa Restaurant Buffet

Of the luxurious Medinah restaurants that feature an international family buffet, a variety of dishes and specifications with rich flavors, happy times accompanied by distinguished chefs, and a supervisor of a degree of activity and efficiency, fast services, pleasant and comfortable sessions, elegance in the arrangement of the buffet and glamorous cleanliness to make all his visitors happy City.

Rotana Restaurant – Dar Al Iman Hotels – Intercontinental

For those of good taste, and those who love elegance in the velvet places, Rotana Restaurant has a luxury and good selection for an international and Arab set of meals,
Learn about the most important open buffet restaurants in Medina - Learn about the most important open buffet restaurants in MedinaIt allows the connoisseur to enjoy different flavors. Rich breakfast and dinner buffets tempt visitors from eggs, omelettes and chips to barbecues and rice of all kinds, to fresh natural juices.

Al Rawda Restaurant, Crown Plaza

It offers the most luxurious open buffets, with sea and oriental dishes and recipes, multi-flavors, delicious pastries and pastries, types of soups and Arabic and Western appetizers. It is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city and has a section for families with the most beautiful decor and sweeter touches – and a section for individuals also with closed halls.

City Hotel Shaza Buffet

A view of the Noble Sanctuary, and on an area of ​​sophistication, cleanliness and sterilization, Shaza Al Madina Hotel receives its valued customers in its restaurant with a rich buffet with the most delicious types of food, juices and cold and hot drinks, comfortable seats and enough spaces to move between tables freely, it is considered one of the most beautiful restaurants in Medina to distinguish Its location, and the variety of meals it provides. Fast ordering, very convenient for breakfast and food, is a family place with distinction.

Movenpick Hotel Madinah Buffet

It is a distinguished international buffet, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a Swiss innovation within an oriental template, with a view of the Holy Prophet’s Mosque and it is the best restaurant in the city
1581416379 710 Learn about the most important open buffet restaurants in Medina - Learn about the most important open buffet restaurants in MedinaThis is because of the diversity and richness of the buffet in it. It provides three meals daily and healthy meals under the supervision of specialized chefs within a spiritual atmosphere that gives a feeling of happiness and reassurance to the proximity of the Prophet’s Mosque, and a list of endless foods and sweets that cater to different tastes. The expat will fall in love with no doubt wireless internet and an atmosphere suitable for children and families with special needs facilities.

Shami Corner Buffet

Among the best restaurants of open buffets and its finest have a diverse oriental kitchen, especially the ancient Shami cooking, grills of all kinds, kebab, appetizers, salads and various types of fresh juices with tropical and seasonal fruits and dishes decorated and attractive and elegant arrangement, fruit sculptures with many fees and stacking food in a varied literal way and they are ready to meet external requests, Delicious pastries, baked goods and buffets of various sizes, as well as comfortable seats.

Salam restaurant buffet

International cuisine, indulge yourself with the most luxurious buffet and live cooking experiences with a cooked meat cutting corner, fresh baked goods, oriental and western sweets, gastronomic delights among a fun, elegant and relaxing rehab.
Peace singled out children with delicious flavors, have fun with a bunch of toys and toys, and cartoons. Open buffet restaurants and a relaxing atmosphere, an ideal place to enjoy delicious foods and drinks accompanied by family and friends, a fine breakfast buffet, fine lunches and buffets for a great dinner, an ideal place for parties, holidays and various occasions.

The Horizon Restaurant

From this luxurious restaurant at the top of the building, your eyes look at the view of the Prophet’s Mosque, captivating the soul and the heart, while Mount Uhud stands behind the mosque, bounded by the extended horizon. A delicious tasting experience awaits you at The Horizon Restaurant, with its international menu selection and captivating local service.
The all-day buffet is provided regularly with special dishes from Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Tables include the bakery of Le Grand Classic de Precise Frances and Tapestry Pullman. In the foreground is fresh gourmet dishes, surrounded in the background by a majestic panoramic view of the green sanctuary of the Sanctuary and Mount Uhud.


Acacia is a classic all-day dining restaurant open for groups, serving international dishes to Pullman guests. Daily skilled chefs prepare a sumptuous table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. His à la carte menu offers special dishes from all over the world.
1581416379 876 Learn about the most important open buffet restaurants in Medina - Learn about the most important open buffet restaurants in Medina
Acacia is famous for its French pastries, fresh bread, varied Tandoori varieties, and a large variety of teas and coffees. And the kids have their own menu. Restaurant goers enjoy free wireless internet access


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