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Belgiun Open Market

The open market is defined as not subject to barriers that restrict the freedom of movement of products, services, capital, and employment;
There is no tight control by the government on him as it does on other markets.
It is the most famous market in Belgium and is established in several cities, including Brussels, the capital.
Everything from clothes to antiques, household items, vegetables and fruits, and also second-hand goods, is sold at much lower prices than its original price.
Belgians, Germans, French and even Americans go for it looking for valuable items.

Grand Place

Regarding the purchase of flowers and plants, the Belgians are not looking for a place other than the Grand Place or the Grand Square, which is open from eight in the morning until eight in the evening every day.
The Grand Square is located in the center of Brussels, and it is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This gives it a great reputation for tourists and locals and sells the finest plants and flowers.

Boulevard de Waterloo

Boulevard de Waterloo is one of the most famous shopping streets for Belgians in Brussels and located in the Avenue Louise.
A lot of residents prefer this street a lot to shop and buy clothes specially because it is located in the middle of residential buildings.
The street includes a lot of stores that sell high-end fashion homes at discounted prices, but many tourists are unaware of this as it is a treasure of the locals.

Sunday Market in Belgium

Sunday market in Belgium in the name of it takes place every Sunday at six in the morning about a hundred vendors gather in the town of Waterloo to display their goods;
Thousands of local buyers and tourists come together to buy. And each time you will find different things from the previous time, the sooner you go, the better.
As the best commodities are sold early and only unimportant or defective items remain in the end.

Place du Jeu de Balle Flea Market

This market is considered one of the most important popular markets in Belgium and it is held every weekend at five in the morning in the Marlus neighborhood, which is the most popular neighborhood in Brussels.
It is the place where people sell their old or unwanted things even if they are not old.
You can negotiate prices and bargain and if you are lucky enough you can find something original and unique.

Gare du Midi

This large market is located at the exit of Brussels Train Station and is a huge market full of fresh vegetables and fruits from all over the European region.
You may find fruits or vegetables that you have not seen or heard before in this wonderful market.
You will find the finest fresh vegetables, olives, toast and fresh cheese, as well as organic foods.
In addition, it accepts bargaining. You can also get free samples and sample some samples.

Sablon Brussels

This street is famous for the great church known as the Place de Grand Sapelon, but what only the locals know about is that this street is one of the hidden treasures;
This is because it includes a group of antique stores and markets that open every Saturday and Sunday at nine in the morning.
You can walk along the street, see the antiques displayed in stores, and purchase all the weekend markets you need.

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