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المسافرون العرب

The Russian market is located in Trabzon, located on the sea side north of Maras Street in Trabzon
It is considered one of the oldest and best places for buying clothes and shopping in general in the whole Black Sea region
At the same time, it contains many streets that can be strolled in order to discover the magnificence of the streets in the region
Thanks to the distinctive colors and decorations that characterize the streets and alleys, it contains many jewelry stores
Antiquities and antiques of a distinctive Turkish character
In addition to warehouses with large ages reaching centuries, which were made by the old population, the Russian market is a target for all visitors and tourists who come to Turkey, whether from the Arab world
Or from foreign countries, especially lovers of discovery and adventure, who would like to have antiques or vintage products
Or even traditional things of their ownLearn about the Russian market in Trabzon - Learn about the Russian market in TrabzonThe Russian market in TrabzonFeatures of the Russian market located in Trabzon: The most important characteristic of this vital region of Trabzon is that it contains many stores of unknowns
That you will find on both sides of the street.
You will feel the longing for entering Candiceillas Saints by watching the glittering silver glitter jewelry which has many creative artistic shapes that you will not find anywhere else except in Trabzon. At the end of Candolacilar Street you will find illumination around the paved stones of Simserler Kocak
Which will make you feel a lot of joy, warmth, and love that surrounds the place and in the middle. You will find a part for spinning and weaving where you will find many places to buy traditional clothes. Clothes vary and vary in terms of quality, prices, colors and materials, which attracts a lot of fans of buying clothes.
Distinguished to buy from these areas, which makes it one of the most beautiful and fun tourism places in Trabzon. There are many times in the Russian Market Street near the mosque in the neighborhood and the market brings together businessmen
And the unique rites, which makes the Russian market a special place in the heart of all visitors
And tourists who come to visit him in particular, there is on the Russian market an area near the mosque called Pedestan
It is one of the oldest areas in Trabzon and its construction dates back to the 14th century
This area was subject to reconstruction and preparation by the Ottoman rulers during their rule
It is characterized by its beautifully decorated walls, in addition to a designated area for storing alum
There are many cats that gather in this region and people love their company. There is in Trabzon an area called Tas Han, which is a center for craftsmen in the region in addition to the small merchants, which for them is considered a haven from the big merchants, as it houses all the merchants who come new to the neighborhood from all sides.

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Information about the Russian market

The center was built during the reign of the Pasha Alexander in 1531 and it depends on designs dating back to the Ottoman Empire, which were designed with high accuracy by the ruler’s engineers to graduate with this wonderful body. Many jewelry and jewelry that will be unique in their shape and colors, and you will find that you will need to devote a few hours of your day in order to wander around all these places

Seed Trabzon:

1581220309 124 Learn about the Russian market in Trabzon - Learn about the Russian market in TrabzonIt is one of the vital areas in the region and it is possible to walk in it without feeling the time as it will lead you to the Condorcilar Street for walking and hiking in the northwest. It makes it really unique. It contains many fences made of gold by the hand of famous craftsmen, which makes it attain an international reputation and a special reputation for it. To find many artifacts that were done by craftsmen, while strolling in the Trabzon bazaar, you will be able to hear the sound of copper workers and craftsmen working and crafting artistic pieces of luxury that will amaze you with the accuracy and skill of the craftsmen who have mastered this profession and excelled in the location of the Russian market in Trabzon 1581220309 822 Learn about the Russian market in Trabzon - Learn about the Russian market in TrabzonThe Russian market in Trabzon extends from Ibrahim Karaoglanoglu Street in the east side of the city. You will be able to find many fake trading companies that imitate many world famous brands but at the same time they are made meticulously and are sold at very little prices compared to the prices of major companies which makes the market competitive and makes it a deal Great for practical people who want to buy things of great age and at a low price and at the same time handcrafted and contain a lot of original decorations made with great care, which makes the Russian market in Trabzon has a special place among all visitors to Turkey

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