There are many tourist villages in northern Lebanon, and these areas are distinguished by the charm of their beauty and their picturesque nature. Therefore, many tourists from all over the world go to tourism, and the most important of these areas are:

The town of Pino

This town is one of the most important archaeological and touristic places in Lebanon, which many tourists come to visit, and it is located in Akkar, and the most famous of this town is the cultivation of olive and almond trees and the cultivation of grains, and this town manufactures rose water, pomegranate juice and flower water, which is famous Also some other crops such as pine and oak cultivation, and there are many rose gardens and jasmine.


This city is famous for the mild weather on most days of the year, and includes the largest green area in Lebanon, and this city is famous for the ancient buildings and ancient markets, this is in addition to containing the most beautiful beaches of Lebanon, and there are many churches and monasteries, and many wonderful summer festivals are held in this city Such as: summer festival, music festival.


It is one of the mountainous cities located at an altitude of 1550 meters above sea level, and there are many Phoenician monuments as it was once inhabited by the Phoenicians, and it is home to the Museum of the famous poet Gibran Khalil Gibran as it includes many manuscripts and furniture for the Lebanese poet, and this town has a view On the valley of Qannoubine or the Holy Valley, this valley is famous for its number of caves that you can reach from the town of Bcharre.

Xuan Paradise

This region is located in the city of Byblos, and some describe it as a piece of paradise due to its charming natural scenery, and if you are a fan of excursions in nature then this is the most suitable place for you to visit and enjoy the views in it.

Canopin Monastery

This monastery is located in the valley where it enjoys its privileged location due to the confluence of the Qadisiyah Road in the valley. This monastery has the oldest religions, and the monastery has a church that is considered to be the home of the Batarq in the period 1440 to 1790.


This region is famous for making red wine, and it has three of the most famous grape fields, the first in Basbina, the second in Jezzine and the third in the Bekaa Valley, and if you want to know how to make wine you can visit this place, in addition to enjoying the beautiful vineyard view.


This area is located at an altitude of about 1950 meters above sea level, and this place is characterized by the presence of snow on it, so tourists visit it to enjoy ski trips in the winter, and this city is a starting point for many trips; where you can visit the Patara George waterfall, Horizon Cave.

Raymond de Saint Giles Castle

This castle is a Crusader fortress and it was established between 1103,104, and this castle was reformed by Mamluk Amir after it was burned in 1279, and this castle contains a trench and three gates, and there are three panels that you can know the history of The place is through the three paintings.

Kadisha Cave

This cave is 500 meters inside a mountain, and there is a very beautiful group of limestone formations, and this cave is 7 kilometers from the town of Bcharre.

Khan of the Egyptians

This place has been used by Egyptian merchants, and it is famous for its soap trade such as olive oil soap, and Tripoli soap, and you can take a tour of this place to get to know the method of making soap from its local residents.

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