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A waterfall is an area in which water flows from a high vertical drop, and waterfalls can also be found at the edge of the ice when melt water flows from the edge, in many areas waterfalls may occur only during rainy seasons or when there are huge amounts of thawing ice.

The depth and width of the waterfalls differ from one region to another as a result of the decline that caused the waterfall and the amount of flowing water, and waterfalls like Victoria Falls attract large numbers of tourists because of its unique beauty, and the Hoku Waterfall is one of the unique waterfalls in the world because it is the largest yellow waterfall in the world, due to its size The Hoku Waterfall is the only yellow waterfall in the world.

Hoku Waterfall

Hoku Waterfall is the second largest waterfall with a capacity of 98 feet before the start of the flood season, and after the start of the flood season the width of the waterfall increases to about 164 feet, and Hoku Waterfall is located on the Chinese Yellow River, it is the largest waterfall along the river, and this waterfall is formed when the river flows Yellow between the Hoku Mountains that restrict the course of the river, which reduces its width to between 66 and 98 feet. Because of this, the water speed in the river increases suddenly and flows at a high speed before it descends in the slope.

The name of the waterfall

The word Hoku refers to the analogy of the unique location of the Hoku Waterfall and a similarity to the waterfall, where it means the flow of water from the narrow opening as hot water flows from the teapot. The great similarity between a waterfall and teapots The waterfall has been named the Hoku Waterfall.

The color of the waterfall

The Yellow Water of Hoku Water comes due to the large quantities of sediments in the Yellow River, where research conducted by Rice University indicates that the Yellow River transports approximately 20 times the sediments, and research also indicates that the Yellow River holds approximately 1.6 billion tons of silt Each year, the main reason for this is that the Yellow River transports vast amounts of sediment, consuming nearly 95% of its energy in carrying these sediments unlike other rivers such as the Amazon or Mississippi that use about 40 to 60% of their capacity.

Tourism along the waterfall

Hukou Waterfall is one of the main destinations for tourists in China because of its unique color and size. In 1991, the waterfall was listed as one of the best national tourist sites in China, and tourism company data indicate that Hukou Waterfall receives more than 100,000 visitors annually, and tourists generally come to visit a waterfall Hokku from April to May and from September to November.

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