Learn the best places to stay in Marmaris

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Ney Restaurant

This small and pleasant restaurant is located in a 250-year-old Greek stone house and contains an ancient fireplace. The restaurant is steps from the western end of the marina. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with seashells and you can smell the scent of the sea in the air.
The restaurant offers delicious home cooking such as tavuklu mantı or Turkish ravioli with chicken and güveç, which is a casserole of meat with the addition of special Turkish spices, making it one of the most wonderful places to stay in Marmaris.
Aquarium Kitchen Cafe Restaurant
One of the coolest and most creative restaurants on the beaches, there is a fish tank in the back of the restaurant, there are distinctive and strange decorations such as women’s shoes designed on the tables and a chess set made of tubes and salsa music that fills the place.
The restaurant serves large grills and steaks and you can have a light dinner in the evening, such as fish dishes, chips, wraps and pizza.
Pineapple Restaurant
Pineapple Restaurant consists of two floors with a large balcony on the top floor and a large front balcony on the other floor. The restaurant offers pizza, pasta and salads which are the main dishes on the menu, but you will find more delicious seafood grill dishes.
Köfteci Ramiz Restaurant
Learn the best places to stay in Marmaris - Learn the best places to stay in Marmaris
In the evening there are rows of locals standing for dinner there. The restaurant has received many awards and the restaurant offers grilled meat dishes and many other barbecue dishes. The restaurant was founded by two brothers from Macedonia when they were in Marmaris since 1928.

Restaurants where you can spend your evening

Meryemana Mantı Evi Restaurant
This name is considered strange for a restaurant even in Marmaris. The restaurant offers a dish called goselme, which is a stuffed bread and made especially, in addition to the dishes of Eli Yemek (meat dishes) and vegetable dishes (sebzeli yemek).
The restaurant offers dishes from Turkish classics, as the restaurant is characterized by hospitality and satisfying the desires of the guest, and there are also many drinks that you can try.
Rota Restaurant
The restaurant is considered one of the most distinct places in the Marmaris. The restaurant is located near the Bar St at the end of the shopping center across the bridge. It serves meat dishes, soups and salads with tables covered outside so you can sit and eat your dinner outdoors and watch the stars.
Fellini Restaurant

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The restaurant has cheerful yellow chairs and bouquets of flowers on every table that changes every day. This restaurant overlooks the beach and is twenty-five years old. It serves pizza, various pastries, seafood, steaks and kebabs.

Davy Jones’s Locker Club

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This two-storey place is located on the other side of Bar St. You can stay up late and listen to American and British music in the 1990s, and many bands come there in the summer to perform.

Live shows in Marmaris

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In the evening, Marmaris offers a 3-hour Turkish dinner and offers with unlimited juices. Enjoy an unforgettable night with this Turkish dinner that contains many items and soft drinks.
Enjoy a meal of 3 varieties of classic Turkish dishes, watch a group of traditional folk dances, Turkish songs and music, watch the dervishes and whirlpool that slide and spin across the platform and merge with the traditional Turkish melodies, and you can also share the modern locals who are friendly and welcome visitors.

Experience Turkish bath in Marmaris

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Marmaris contains many baths that you can relax in and is considered one of the traditional methods of treatment in Turkey, where you can sit and enjoy a soothing steam bath followed by a comfortable full body wash with foam and massaging your body with essential oils.
Upon arrival you will be taken to the bathroom (sauna), where you will enjoy a steam bath that smoothes your skin and opens your pores. This will be followed by a cleaning process that will help remove dead skin and then massage the essential oil, then you will retire to the cold room for a while for the sake of comfort.


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