Learn the best places to stay in Muscat

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Royal Opera House Muscat

Learn the best places to stay in Muscat - Learn the best places to stay in Muscat

The Opera House in Muscat is one of the most important places to stay in Muscat and the most visited, as it is one of the most impressive places.
The opera contains attractive places to enjoy night performances by famous artists there.
One of the most important things that the opera house has is that it is exquisitely designed using marble and arabesque.
It has a lot of performances that are presented, such as ballet shows, Lake Pelican show, and Cinderella, and other performances that accompany attractive Arabic music.

Muttrah Corniche

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If you want to enjoy a nice night stroll in the evening, we advise you to wander around the famous Muttrah Corniche, which is a wonderful main port that extends up to 3 km.
Adjacent to the Corniche there are many attractive gardens, water fountains and mosques with exquisite architectural design.
In addition, you will see sailboats walking in the water in an attractive landscape.
You will find fish markets and watch the fishermen hunt and buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the markets there.

Roy Restaurant

Many people love to visit this restaurant especially in the evening, where you can spend a wonderful evening with family and friends.
You can also eat delicious Arabic sweets inside, and enjoy delicious meals that smell the distinctive Arabic spices.
Near this restaurant there are loud side streets, where delicious continental cuisine is sold to suit all tastes.

Blue Marlin Restaurant

Learn the best places to stay in Muscat - Learn the best places to stay in Muscat
Blue Marlin Restaurant is open for visitors from eight in the morning until eleven at night, you can have dinner there and spend a wonderful time at the same time inside this restaurant.
As the restaurant has great views of the bay, it also overlooks the British Ambassador’s house, it is the best choice for dinner.
You can also use the private pool if the weather is hot in the restaurant and also enjoy the jacuzzi service.

Attending the Muscat Festival

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The Muscat Festival is considered one of the best festivals in Oman, and it is held annually and specifically in January and February.
It is one of the great artistic cultural events in which various shows are presented from all over the world in addition to the distinctive traditional Omani dances.
It is worth noting that the festival takes place in wonderful recreational places, such as parks and gardens, and lasts for a whole month.
It also hosts shopping fairs that display exotic and attractive local products for sale all during the evening time, making the festival a distinctive tourist destination at night.

Sunset cruises

During sunset, you can spend the best times on a unique cruise, where you are allowed to ride a sailboat and tour it in the port of Muscat.
It is an excellent way for you to get to know the coast of Oman and see the wonderful sunset view.
And enjoy sightseeing, famous hotels and amazing places, all with friends and loved ones for an unforgettable night.
All of these excursions, night spots and more we find in Muscat.
You can choose the places that suit your general taste, whether these places are restaurants, festivals, museums, cruises, concerts, and other places.


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