The geographical scope of Syria

It consists of mountain ranges in the west and a very steep interior region, in the east there is the Syrian desert and in the south the Druze Mountains, a dam built in 1973 on the Euphrates River is protected under the name of Lake Addis, the largest lake in Syria and the highest point in Syria is Mount Hermon (2814 m); 9,232 feet) on the Lebanese border between the wet Mediterranean coast and arid desert areas lies a steep semi-limestone area that extends across three quarters of the country

Which receives hot and dry winds blowing across the desert, Syria is extensively exhausted and needs 28 percent of the arable land, 4 percent earmarked for permanent crops, 46 percent used as meadows and pastures, and only 3 percent of forests.

The distance in kilometers between some Syrian cities

From Aleppo to Damascus, 310 km
From Homs to Hama 45 km
From Latakia to Deir Al-Zour 395 km
From Raqqa to Idlib, 214 km
From Daraa to Tartus, 253 km
From Hasaka to Sweida, 569 km

The distance from Syria to the nearest countries.

From Syria to Lebanon, 306 km
From Syria to Iraq, 466 km
From Syria to the Palestinian Territory, 467 km
From Syria to Cyprus 509 km
From Syria to Jordan 535 km
From Syria to occupied Palestine 569 km
From Syria to Turkey 570 km
From Syria to Armenia 792 km
From Syria to Georgia 917 km

Means of transportation in Syria

by plane

There are three international airports in Syria, Damascus International Airport (DAM), Aleppo International Airport (ALP), and Latakia International Airport. The first and second airports have flights served by British Airways and Syrian Arab Airlines to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. As for the third airport, it includes flights only to and from Egypt (Cairo).

by train

You can take a train from Tehran or Istanbul: one connects Tehran-Aleppo-Damascus while the other connects Istanbul-Aleppo. All trains to Syria from Istanbul are jointly managed by TTCD (Turkey) and CFS (Syria) which is the cheapest way to travel to Syria From Europe.

By car

If you are coming to Syria from Lebanon you can choose the taxi service that follows a fixed route between the bus stations, and these roads are convenient and the preferred way to reach the Syrian cities in Damascus, Aleppo Tartus, Homs and others.

By taxi

Yellow taxis are a good mode of transportation if they are within the cities however you will need to know a little Arabic language because most drivers are not fluent in English.

By microbus

It is called “maid” or “meecros” in the local language and it is a minibus or minivan that can accommodate approximately 10 to 12 people and carries passengers in and around cities on predetermined roads and usually the route details are written in the front of the microbus in Arabic , So you may need a local resident’s help to break it up

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