Although forests make up 40% of Belarus’s total area, they contain some great places to enjoy in the evening.

Bicycle lanes
Cycling in Belarus is one of the best and most enjoyable things you can do in the evening, as there are many degree lanes designated for them only, and tourists visit these lanes and enjoy the sport of cycling in complete safety away from the crowds and cars.
Lushita Park
Lushita Park is the most famous garden in Belarus, with stunning white views, hiking trails, and places to relax within.
Roller wheel in Minsk

We advise you to visit Minsk in the spring or summer season, where you can ride the spinning wheel in Gorky Park, you can up the wheel looking to the city center and see the squares in it, and the memorial, we do not advise you to ride the spinning wheel if you fear heights.
National ballet theater in Minsk

You should not miss the opportunity to go to the National Ballet Theater in Minsk, because of what the theater offers mm various artistic shows and operatic, operatic shows, and the most important thing that distinguishes the performances of that museum cheap prices, and also characterized by its beautiful architectural form.
Museums in Minsk Belarus

You can enjoy a night stroll in the silent halls of the National Art Museum and see the wonderful exhibits and artifacts it contains. Minsk contains a good number of historical national museums, the most famous of which is the “Ozgur” museum, which contains wonderful statues and sculptures, and the History Museum the National.
Belarus Stadium and Belarus Sports Club

Belarus is famous for its ancient clubs and clubs tonight, and the most famous club in Belarus is the Belarusian Football Sports Club, tourists go there to enjoy watching matches, seeing players during training, and encouraging official matches.
The best places to visit in Belarus

Mir Castle.
Minsk, Belarus.
Branslav Lake, Belarus.
National Park.
Mir Kassel, Belarus.
Brest Castle.
Pripyat Ski National Park.
Minsk Sea: Flickr
Lida Castle, Belarus.
British Archaeological Museum.
Brest Railway Museum.
Dodo Tech Museum.
Nevis, Belarus.
Carmines Tower.

Archaeological sites in Belarus
Belarus contains four World Heritage sites that are archaeological sites and you can visit those places in the evening, namely: the Mir Castle complex, the Struve Geodesic Arch (shared with nine other countries), the Belo Vids Kaya Pushka (shared with the State of Poland), and the Forgotten Castle Fitz.

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