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The best of Indian beach holidays

Crab hunting in Goa

Often referred to as the “heaven of tourists”, it is the home of many fabulous beaches where you can relax, sunbathe or indulge in exciting sporting activities in azure waters. In Goa.

The Sinquerim Dock of Small Boats in North Goa is an excellent place to catch crabs alongside fishing, this experience will be unique on a rustic boat with your friends or family with free snacks, and you will be provided with a taste by the instructor on board to teach you how to hunt Many of them, and you can enjoy eating crabs at the end of your day from your catch.

Canoeing in the Andaman-Mangrove Mountains

Andaman Islands is located in the Bay of Bengal and is a popular beach destination that provides many opportunities for a pleasant holiday. Havelock Island is one of the best natural attractions there with its pure white sand beaches, clear blue waters, green forests and scenic views.
There are many exciting activities on the sandy beaches in Half Alok. If you are on a honeymoon trip, it is recommended to paddle through the green mangrove forests, if you have not rowed before, you will be accustomed to it before the start of the exploration journey and in the roads you will enjoy hearing birds chirping around you and you will enjoy The beauty of the scenery and the beauty of the calm waters.

Photo session at Havelock Beach

One of the best beaches in Andaman and Radhanagar in Asia, this picturesque beach is located on Havelock Island, where a visitor can enjoy amazing sunset views, and you can enjoy a wonderful photo session with on this beach with sunset and long green trees.

Safari in the ocean – Kovalam

Kovalam is a wonderful beach town near Thiruvananthapuram, which is a must-visit if you are looking for a distinctive beach vacation in India, the fine sandy beach in Kovalam is charming visual pleasure and has many exciting adventures and water sports,
In the south of it you will find Ocean Bond Safar which is exactly what you need, as this unique experience where you can enjoy the underwater views on a scooter named Bond, linked to a container filled with air, and you will be wearing a helmet that covers you from head to toe, and a safety diver will accompany you for safety during this special trip, You will also be able to see sprinkled fish and many other sea creatures.

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