Learn the most beautiful places to stay in Lombok

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We will find the most famous nightlife areas in Lombok, where you can find a number of places late at night with live music available until the early hours, restaurants, and cafes among these places

Cultural programs are often displayed in resorts, in this environment you can sit back, enjoy a buffet, try some dance, unique and elegant performance in Indonesia.
In recent years, the Gili Islands have emerged as party sites, with local DJs spinning until the early hours of the morning on the beaches.
1- Camping in Lake Sigara Anak
Learn the most beautiful places to stay in Lombok - Learn the most beautiful places to stay in Lombok

If you are going to take a tour of Mount Rinjani, the Segara Anak Lake is one of the main places to stop.
The lake is located on top of Caledra at the summit of Renjani, surrounded by lush vegetation making it an experience not to be missed.
You can camp in the lake, enjoy in the beautiful turquoise waters at daytime, and watch the amazing stars over the edge as the night falls.
2- Happy Cafe
It is a popular shelter for locals, expats who come to enjoy entertainment, live music, and drinks at reasonable prices
The cafe is located in Jalan Raya Sengiji
3- Seminyak
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It is an upscale area for an endless array of dining options, especially in Jalan Raya Seminyak, Jalan Caio Aya
It includes a variety of cuisines, famous for its elegance, good preparation, and the atmosphere is huge.
4- Beautiful Life Theater
You can visit this place at night to watch some movies, and enjoy a wonderful meal
It features a large screen, the theater can accommodate about 50 people, and has 6 private cottages with DVDs, and a TV on the beach.
5- Rollpin Restaurant
The best place in Mataram at the eastern end of the city on the edge of a beautiful river, is characterized by calm, romantic atmosphere, and calm music
6- Restaurant Ttuk Waryoung
Located in Gili T, it is characterized as a vegetarian restaurant which is very suitable for vegetarians
It is characterized by a warm atmosphere, and romantic music
7- Casa Vintage Beach Restaurant
Romantic Beach Restaurant, This small beach restaurant contains very good food (vegetarian), delicious cocktails, and there are outdoor seats outside
Go early and watch the sunset, and it features beautiful, romantic views
8- Cafe and Zaatar Gili Air
It has the best coffee on the island, the cafe staff are friendly, and the atmosphere is warm
9- Asmara Restaurant
Asmara offers some great live music in a cold atmosphere, and it is one of the main live music venues in Senggigi.
Top musicians offer blues and jazz, as well as a number of local bands, and is one of the best places to eat in Lombok.
Add this to high-quality live music, and if you don’t feel mixed, you can enjoy relaxing and listening to some of the most popular blues music.
10- Tettibato Village
Learn the most beautiful places to stay in Lombok - Learn the most beautiful places to stay in Lombok
If you are looking for something a little different in Lombok and want to get off the beach, the village of Tettibato offers a nice change, this part of the island is nestled among the shiny emerald green rice fields, and the woods that run far in the distance.
The village is a great place to learn more about Lombok’s indigenous culture, called Sasak, and you can also learn the traditional handicraft styles in the area, and pick up some souvenirs at the same time


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