Learn the most beautiful places to stay in Ukraine

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Walkonoski Café

Wolkonsky is not only a cafe but also a pastry shop, where you can buy baked pastries directly when baked to be hot. The menu contains dishes from French and Ukrainian cuisine, because the cafe owners are French in origin.

A group of freshly baked goods is cooked twice daily at 8 am and 3 pm. People go to Wolkonsky mostly during lunch time, but permanent clients will always find time to get the perfectly baked almond croissant and a cup of coffee.

Honey Cafe

It provides its visitors with the largest choice of sweets that can be found in Kiev. And a range of healthy and delicious options for breakfast or dinner on the menu. We advise you to try toasted bread with avocado and baked eggs with cheese and onion soup.

Bistro Restaurant

With a fine blend of relaxed and modern ambience and delicious food, this is the favorite cafe of the locals. It is a unique spot with an amazing cooking formula.
The menu offers a large selection of European and Ukrainian dishes, as well as famous Italian appetizers.
Learn the most beautiful places to stay in Ukraine - Learn the most beautiful places to stay in Ukraine

Moments Cafe

This cafe offers an international menu where you can try traditional Ukrainian dishes such as porsche pies with jam and sour cream, Italian ice cream or tiramisu, and drink homemade lemonade or herbal tea. It has a homely atmosphere and most dishes are suitable even for children.

Milk Cafe

You can have delicious snacks, enjoy delicious desserts and scrambled milk, or have a cup of hot milk.
Another option is to enjoy oatmeal with cinnamon, apples and raisins, French toast with avocado, or American-style pies in the café, or eat homemade granola with Greek yogurt or milk ice cream.

Charlotte’s Cafe

Charlotte Café has a special atmosphere for those who love Paris. The owners primarily serve simple traditional French dishes such as onion soup and Kiri Loren and steaks As for appetizers, fajra with pears, fresh oyster hill, herring with butter and potatoes will surely surprise you.

National Opera House

The theater is located in the city center of Kiev, near Khreshchatyk Street, and enjoys stunning architectural design both from home and abroad. Most of the creative theater efforts focus on the production of Ukrainian and Russian classical opera and ballet, as well as dramatic art in Ukraine.
1581416499 143 Learn the most beautiful places to stay in Ukraine - Learn the most beautiful places to stay in Ukraine

Andreevsky Ozviz

Andreevsky Ozves is the most modern street in Kiev, and is a favorite place for the city’s locals, as it is the venue for outdoor exhibitions, festivals and concerts.

Ukraine Kiev Khreshchatyk

Khreshchatyk is the main street in Kiev, and has recently been refurbished to become one of the most picturesque and beautiful places that combine the features of a busy business center with the historical architectural design of the buildings. The street leads to Nizaliznosti Square, which represents the main city square and one of the most popular places to visit by tourists in the city, especially at the weekend.


It is an international center of contemporary art, dedicated to showcasing new works by distinguished artists, and although the place does not contain a permanent collection of arts,
1581416499 392 Learn the most beautiful places to stay in Ukraine - Learn the most beautiful places to stay in UkraineBut it offers temporary exhibitions instead, so you can always see here everything new in the art world.


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