Learn the most famous things that America is famous for

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The sausage

It is undeniable that the people of America love their hot sausage so much, in addition to the presence of the National Council of Sausage and Hot Dog. America consumes 150 million pieces of hot dogs on the fourth day of July alone, and some may wonder why the hot dog is so popular in America? The answer is simple, because it is a simple snack of steamed sausage between grilled meat with mustard and tomato sauce, in addition to that it is a very affordable snack, and it can be said that Chicago and New York are the two states in America that offer excellent hot dogs, and sausages are considered the most famous American food , And are sold in restaurants and road vehicles.
Things America is known for in cinema
Learn the most famous things that America is famous for - Learn the most famous things that America is famous for
The city of Hollywood, famous in America and the world, has provided huge cinematic productions, and has inspired many other cinematic productions, such as Bollywood and others, and visitors can stop in Hollywood and take memorials, enjoy flashing its streets, watch the stars and take pictures of them, in addition to visiting the Wax Museum World famous (Madame Tussauds).
Things America is known for in resistance figures
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Martin Luther King, Jr.
Robert Lee.
Thomas Payne.
John Brown.
Frederick Douglas.
Susan B. Anthony.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
Malcolm X.
Things America is known for in artistic characters
Frank Lloyd Wright: Architect.
Andy Warhol: artist.
Friedrich Le Olmsted: journalist, critic and designer.
James McNeill Whistler: plastic artist.
Jackson Pollock: Abstract painter.
John James Audubon: painter and bird scientist.
Georgia O’Keefe: plastic artist.
Thomas Eckins: painter.
Thomas Nast: cartoonist.
Alfred Stiglitz: Photographer.
Ansel Adams: Photographer.
Things America is known for in sport
Baseball or baseball is America’s national sport, but it enjoys a wide crowd in many other countries, and baseball is very popular, as it is said that some cards that can be collected from famous baseball fields are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Football in America
In America and Canada, football differs from other countries in the world, and it is a unique mixture of football and other sports, and the game consists of two teams, each team consisting of eleven players, in a rectangular field with lists of goal in each side, and football in America is a national game, and it is one of the most important events in all states of America and it receives a lot of attention.
Things America is known for in technical innovation
The people of America enjoy a high spirit of initiative, which is an integral part of their psyche, and America is home to the largest number of inventions and innovations in the world, for example, IBM made personal computers a reality, and at reasonable prices, and Microsoft invented the Windows programs that helped many businesses Around the world, Facebook has made the world smaller, and Apple is California, home to America’s tech innovators.
Things America is famous for in the desert
Mount Rushmore
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One of the most unique features of all landmarks in America is Mount Rushmore, and no other country like America can brag about honoring its former leaders in this majestic way. Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The site also houses a museum with interactive exhibits.
The Great Groove of America
In fact, the Grand Canyon is one of those rare places that its splendor can truly appear only when it is visited. It is rocks carved by the Colorado River and eroded by wind. This great valley in America is layers of sedimentary rocks tightly pressed into the breathtaking naturalness, and it is located in a state Arizona, which is one of the most visited landmarks in America and open for visits all year long, there are many activities to do in the Grand Canyon such as walking, riding mules, and walking on the amazing bridge.


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