Ljubljana is a small but beautiful city, the largest city in Slovenia is comfortable even for visitors too. Most of the city’s sights gather in a pedestrian and bicycle riding area around the beautiful and green Ljubljanica river banks, making it ideal for wandering and relaxing with great views and taking a boat tour of the Ljubljana River.
One of the most important places in it

Ljubljana Castle
Ljubljana Castle and the Old Town The traditional start for me as a tourist visiting the city is going up the castle The castle found in fairy tales The famous landmark in the middle of a hill where it is a great place to enjoy watching the nature and beauty of reaching the castle You can go walking and enjoy the nature or take the railways hanging by your way or use Train for transportation and tourism in Slovenia.

Old Town and its Yards:
Between the castle and the Ljubljanica River is the old city in the city, defined by three squares, which is actually more like a narrow cobbled pier. Mestni trg Square is the heart of the city with the Robba Fountain and decorated with three statues of the Giants Sava, Krka and Ljubljanica River. Stari trg is located to the south and is the true heart of the old town, lined with facades of the square wooden shops of the 19th century, and the corridors paved very elaborately. Gorni trg Square, which extends to the southeast of Stari Terg, is the quietest and most part of the old town where there are some buildings dating back to the Middle Ages.

A stroll by the river
Prešernov trg square is the heart of Ljubljana, located a short distance from the old town, which you can reach by crossing the “3D” bridge. The square is surrounded by a beautiful historical architecture that increases its beauty and brilliance, including the “pink salmon” church of Franciscan located on the northern side of the square built in the 17th century. The Trebel Bridge was designed by Jože Plečnik, an architect and urban planner and architect He transformed the city alone with his talent and creativity, creating new and elegant structures, including the banks of the river. And to take a tour of the river is irreplaceable.
Restaurants and cafes:
Ljubljana is home to many restaurants in Slovenia, as there are many, many restaurants that will be appreciated for your liking and satisfaction. Most of the cafes in Ljubljana line the banks of the Ljubljana River, and they all have great views and you will have a beautiful sunset. Whereas, Gostilna na Gradu Restaurant specializes in providing traditional dishes and food ingredients from local sources.
Prevajalska agencija Julija, on its main menu, serves italyn and Asian dishes in a beautiful and beautiful setting.

As for fish lovers, the place that suits you is Ribca, where the food offers views of the Ljubljana River.
Properties in Ljubljana:
There are many great options for a comfortable stay in Ljubljana, from hotels to resorts.

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