Semporna is known as a coastal city, where it overlooks the sea, which is filled with many different types of bright coral reefs, which made many visitors participate in cruises, to dive and watch the wonderful coral reefs.

With the advent of the month of April, this city organizes a competition, which is known as “The Regatta Lepa Traditional Boat”, which is considered one of the most important aspects of tourism, which is held at this time in particular, according to the timing of visitors and tourists flocking to it. big .

The local sailing boats are colored for particiAl Bahahn and preparation for the race, which is defined as ordinary boats, used by the residents to move daily throughout the year, and the city contains within it a model of the swordfish, which symbolizes the city, as it is considered one of the most important squares in the city Semporna.

It also has a large mosque
It is known for its blue color and floating on top of water, which is considered one of the famous floating mosques in Malaysia, and it is distinguished by its distinctive golden dome.

Toon Sakaran Marine Park

Tun Sakaran Marine is one of the most beautiful marine parks that can be visited in the state of Sabah, and it is located close to the city of Semporna, and it also belongs to its government, as it is also called the Semporna Islands, and has opened This park in the year 2004 AD, as it receives many visitors on exploratory cruises.
Tourists visit the Semporna Park islands to discover marine life and fish and watch them in its natural and daily routines, as well as see different types of marine plants, including algae and various coral reefs, which are used as fish homes, and reach the area of ​​these islands All of them are about three hundred and fifty square kilometers, and although facilities for tourists are not provided, it is permitted to visit and explore them, with permission from the park administration in the state of Sabah.

History of the city of Semporna

Semporna is known for its ancient history, as it is one of the oldest coastal cities in the city and town of Tawau, as this name means in the Malaysian language the word perfection, due to its natural beauty that is complete from everything, where the sand, the scenic coast and the wonderful marine nature, and may This city was discovered and opened by the Chinese, but has been followed by the local Bago residents, who are the owners of the city so far.
And this city has been subjected to the British occuAl Bahahn like the rest of the Malaysian cities, which has had a great impact on their customs and traditions, and the different forms of civilization in it, and because of the nature of the coastal city, its inhabitants depend mainly on transportation for boats, as most of the city is invaded by water. , Which is difficult to move around without boats.
Accommodation in the city of Semporna

The city contains many luxury hotels and resorts of the highest level, in addition to the many chalets on the coast of the city, and all these areas are equipped with the best and most important facilities that tourists need, as it has a fitness center and places dedicated to water sports, as there is a place Dedicated to ride bicycles, and other places for children, and this place is not without many restaurants, most of which serve local Malaysian cuisine.
Visit the city of Semporna

The city can be reached by air, as it moves from the city of Kuala Lumpur, which reaches Tawau, and then takes one of the boats heading to the city of Semporna, or you can also reach the city of Kota Kinabalu, and from there to the city of Semporna by transportation Air or wild.

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