Budapest’s title of the Danube Pearl did not come from a vacuum, as it is the glittering capital of Hungary through which the Danube passes, providing unforgettable enchanting scenes.

Budapest also shines with its unique architectural and historical landmarks, with its antique streets decorated with monumental buildings, bridges and picturesque gardens.

Before you head to Budapest for a special holiday, today we offer you this important set of travel advice to this charming city.

The best time to visit Budapest

Budapest is beautiful in summer and winter, but the most crowded peak season is summer, so it is best to visit it in the fall or spring, as the weather tends to be moderate and congestion decreases.


Budapest has very good public transport connections, such as buses and metro, and it has the system and development and is more economical than car rental. It also provides special cards for tourists carrying discounts on transportation.

City card

The city card can be purchased for tourists, which offers great discounts and offers on entry tickets for various museums, parks, historical monuments and transportation. The card has a validity that extends up to 5 days.


Taxis are expensive in Budapest but if you have to use them you should make sure to deal with trusted taxi companies like City Taxi

Watch out for robbery incidents

In some crowded areas of Budapest, such as tourist places, metro stations and shopping malls, some cases of theft and pickpocketing occur, so you should pay attention to your valuables and carry them in a backpack and keep the important documents in the hotel.

Currency exchange

Avoid exchanging currencies with exchange delegates who stand on the streets, regardless of temptations and no matter how cheap the price, as they offer fake coins to tourists, and banks and major exchange shops must be used.

Buy souvenirs

Do not buy souvenirs from the tourist areas of Budapest, which are very expensive and preferably from local markets that contain the most amazing cheap goods.

Choose a hotel

It is preferable to book hotels near the metro lines in Budapest in order to ensure easy transportation between different regions without losing time.

Tipping policy

Tipping is an important issue in Budapest, as it is common practice to add 10 to 15 percent to the value of the bill in hotels, restaurants, taxis, and other services.

Find out the opening times

The shops in Budapest operate from 10 in the morning until 6 in the evening, except on Saturday, when it closes at noon.

As for the museums, they operate daily from 10 am to 6 pm except Monday, which is a holiday.

Tap water

Tap water in Budapest is safe and clean, with testimonies from tourists from all over the world. You don’t have to spend your budget buying water bottles.


Avoid trendy restaurants in the modern section of the city, as they are highly priced, and you can try local restaurants in the old part of the city, where prices are lower and try real local cuisine.

    The most important travel advice to Budapest
The most important travel advice to Budapest

The splendor of architecture in Budapest

The splendor of architecture in Budapest

The charm and beauty of Budapest
The charm and beauty of Budapest

A special holiday in Budapest
A special holiday in Budapest

A special holiday in Budapest
A special holiday in Budapest

Unique historical attractions in Budapest
Unique historical attractions in Budapest

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