Lebanon’s tourist attractions

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Lebanon’s tourist attractions

There are many tourist attractions in Lebanon, including:

  • Jbeil city highlights: It is an ancient Phoenician city, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its great historical importance, and it has many important historical monuments such as the Crusader Castle, as well as many mosques, markets, churches.
  • Landmarks of the city of Baalbek: It is a Lebanese city that was previously known as Heliopolis. The city includes many ancient Roman ruins such as: “Bachus” temples and “Venus”. It also includes a UNESCO site, the Roman horse racing field, in addition to the archaeological site “Al Bass”.
  • Landmarks of Tripoli Tripoli is one of the most important cities in Lebanon, as the ancient city of Mina includes the remains of Mamluk culture, in addition to many historical sites associated with the empires that controlled it, and mosques such as the Al-Muallaq, Al-Mansoori and Al-Attar mosques.

Lebanon site

Lebanon is located on the continent of Asia, and it shares its land borders with Palestine and the Syrian Arab Republic, and its total area is about 10,400 km2, covering an area of ​​10,230 km2 of land and 170 km2 of water, which makes it ranks 171 in terms of area, and the population of Lebanon About 4,140,289 people, or approximately 405 people per square kilometer, and Lebanon gained its independence in 1943 AD.

Resources in Lebanon

Mineral resources in Lebanon are few, as they contain deposits of high-quality iron ore and lignite. They also contain quarries of high-efficiency sand, which is suitable for the glass industry. The hydroelectric project in the Lanche River contributed to generating more electrical energy, as well as It increased the area of ​​irrigated land used for agriculture.


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