Leisure activities in Dubai Park and Resorts

المسافرون العرب

Dubai Park and Resorts is one of the best places and destinations that can be spent recreational tourism in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, there are in the city a lot of parks and activities that have been built on a large area of ​​up to 25 million feet, and there are more than a hundred games that simulate technologies The cinema that was used in Hollywood and Bollywood, and the park is located in Sheikh Zayed Road, and in the face of the Palm Jebel Ali in the Emirates, as it is characterized by its location near Last Exam Jebel Ali, and in the following lines we show you through Arab travelers the price of park tickets and the best activities that you can do When you visit.

Dubai Park and Resorts

Dubai Park and Resorts ticket prices

Dubai Park provides annual subscription tickets that allow its holders to enter the park for unlimited times throughout the year to visit one park, or increase the park equipped with games and water activities with the park, and offers offers for ticket holders to obtain discounts on services and food in the restaurants of the park, and prices change Tickets according to the subscription period if they are annual or for one visit only, and according to the number of parks that allow visitors to enter them, and to know the latest updates in tickets prices, you can call on +971 4 8200000, or enter the Dubai Park and Resorts website from here.
In the following lines we show you the best activities that you can do in the park, and recommendations for the best places.

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Motiongate Dubai

What distinguishes Motiongate Dubai is the unique design of its kind, due to its simulation of the Hollywood world, the place includes about 27 different games, in addition to a lot of facilities, services and restaurants inside the place, in addition to the commercial markets that include a large number of shops, and there are a lot of games in the park Rollercoaster, and offers theatrical and musical performances and various dance shows, as well as animated films Hollywood and loved by everyone, such as movies Alsnavr and partner.
Working hours of Motiongate Dubai

  • The venue is open from twelve o’clock in the afternoon until nine o’clock in the evening, from Saturday to Wednesday.
  • While it opens its doors from twelve o’clock in the afternoon until ten o’clock in the evening on holidays, Thursday and Friday.
  • All games at the venue and facilities are closed 30 minutes before the entire venue.

Motiongate tickets prices

  • The fee for one visit ticket is AED 245 per person.
  • The annual subscription for one person is 345 AED.
  • The park provides an annual subscription for all facilities and parks in it, at a value of AED 595 per person.

Bollywood Parks Dubai

It is one of the recreational parks located in Dubai Parks and Resorts, and the park contains five places designed to display Bollywood films, and its design simulates Indian culture to make the visitor feel that he is on a trip to India, and those places are Mumbai Chowk, Bollywood Boulevard, Rustic Raven, and Royal Plaza In addition to Bollywood studios, there is also the Raj Mahal Theater, which includes nearly a thousand seats allowing the public to sit and watch international movies every week. There are also many restaurants that offer the finest types of dishes made by Indian cooking experts, in addition to the commercial markets. J was designed on the Indian streets that appeared in Bollywood style.

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Riverland Dubai

What distinguishes this place in Dubai Parks and Resorts, it allows visitors to enter without paying any fees or tickets, where there are a lot of recreational activities and restaurants that offer international and local dishes, so Riverland divides Dubai into 4 places built in the style of historical times in various countries The first place emulates America in the fifties of the last century, while the second region mimics the period of the Middle Ages in France, the third region was designed in the style of India in its colonial days, and the last region shows the period of the ninth century when the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula.

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Legoland Water Park

This park is one of the most preferred places for children in the park, as it contains a lot of water games that suit children from the age of two to 12 years, so the children do a lot of activities that depend on water games that add fun and joy to their day, as it is found in The park’s facilities that provide visitors with comfort such as child care rooms, changing rooms, and a chapel for men and women, and has many staff trained to assist children if they subject themselves to any harm during play.

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