Leonardo Hotel is one of the most famous hotels that exist in Berlin, because it is one of the oldest hotels in Berlin, and Leonardo Hotel has many distinguished services that make many people come to that hotel specifically from many other hotels that are in Berlin, we will know in detail about the famous Leonardo Hotel in Berlin.

Leonardo hotel location in Berlin:

Leonardo Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Berlin, and its location is very special for many visitors from all over the world. Berlin is Corvor Stendamm.

Leonardo Hotel Specifications:

Leonardo Hotel is considered one of the excellent services, as it provides three-star service, the hotel also includes many distinguished services for visitors, and the design of the hotel is very special for many and contains a bar as well. Many are very suitable for couples, while some have found it suitable for families who come to Berlin in search of entertainment.

Services available at Leonardo Hotel:

  • Leonardo Hotel offers very spacious rooms with a modern and elegant design and suits all tastes and ages.
  • All rooms in the hotel include all the services that a guest needs, including air conditioning, along with forty-inch TV screens, along with many multiple satellite channels.
  • For all visitors, each hotel room has a work desk.
  • Leonardo Hotel also provides a private bathroom for each hotel room, which is equipped with the highest level of quality and luxury.
  • Leonardo Hotel also offers free internet, via Wi-Fi, which is available throughout the hotel rooms.
  • Leonardo Hotel offers facilities for hot drink lovers.
  • Leonardo Hotel also provides you with a distinctive buffet that serves the best breakfasts, which starts from six in the morning until ten in the morning on a daily basis for a small cost.
  • There is also a large bar in the famous Leonardo Hotel, through which you can enjoy delicious food of various kinds, in addition to eating many different drinks and juices as desired, and this bar includes a wonderful and attractive design.
  • In front of the hotel there is a private car park for easy parking beside the hotel.
  • Leonardo Hotel provides some rooms for non-smokers.
  • The most important characteristic of Leonardo Hotel is that it contains some facilities that are designated for people with special needs, and this makes it easy for visitors to enjoy a lot of time.

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