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The best advantages of visiting Lisbon this summer

Tourism in Lisbon

Lisbon is the second oldest European capital after Athens, and was once a staging post for the journeys of great explorers such as Cagellan, Vasco de Gama and Prince Henry of the Seas. Lisbon has landmarks that blend the past with the beauty of the present, and all the ingredients that make it an ideal destination to spend your best holidays. Through one of the many tours that tour the city, you will get to know first-hand its sights, history, culture and charming nature.
As the only European capital overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, it boasts stunning sandy beaches, a pleasant atmosphere and enjoyable marine activities. Like other cities in Europe, Lisbon is proud of its ancient architectural heritage, especially the Baroque-style buildings, in addition to famous museums such as the Museum of Ancient Arts, the Calouste Gulbenkans Museum, the Design Museum, and others.
Thanks to all that and more, Lisbon is a tourist destination par excellence, and one of the most deserving cities to visit in the summer of 2016.

1- Beach fanatic paradise

Lisbon is one of the few major European cities that overlook the sea. It is characterized by charming beaches with fine sand stretching for many miles, some of which are decorated with small caves and beautiful rock formations. Among the most beautiful and most famous of these beaches: Praia de Adraga, Costa de Cabarisa, Ericeira, Genshaw and others. All the beaches of Portugal are generally distinguished by their cleanliness, calmness and excellent tourist facilities.

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2- An ideal place for lovers of experience of other cultures

In Lisbon, there are many fine restaurants serving international and local cuisine, as well as various Portuguese street stalls. The city is also famous for seafood and you will find many restaurants and cafes specializing in it. The restaurant “Orastao” is very popular with the people of the city, and it is one of the places recommended for trying Portuguese cuisine. If you want to try the recipes of the original Portuguese cuisine, you should visit “Taberna” (one of the most popular Portuguese restaurants).

3- Nightlife

In Lisbon, sunset does not mean the end of the day, but rather the beginning of a new day for the city’s residents, especially during weekends and summer holidays. Where there are cafes and night clubs in the city and places that keep their doors open all night, allowing options that suit all interests and interests.

4- Congestion is not a problem in Lisbon

The city of Lisbon does not come with huge numbers of tourists, so it will be easy to visit the city and enjoy its charm and its scenic coastal nature without the inconvenience. You can stroll through the streets of Lisbon and its old alleys and visit its sights without worrying about crowding out.

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5- The famous Lisbon tram

Visiting Lisbon is not complete without exploring its wonderful landmarks by touring the famous Yellow Lisbon tramway. As Lisbon is not a large city, it is easy to explore most of its attractions on foot. And if you are a fan of wild excursions, the hills around the city are also waiting for you.

6- Sintra fairy tale castle

The charming town of Sintra is 30 minutes’ drive from Lisbon, and it boasts many beautiful castles and gardens that have had an eventful history. Sintra is one of the most famous tourist destinations outside of the city of Lisbon, where tourists come during the day to roam the streets and to see its castles and palaces surrounded by forest trees, and to visit the National Pena Palace, which dates back to the nineteenth century, and the Sintra Palace designed in the Maghreb style.

7- Enjoy nature

If you are a nature lover, Lisbon is your ideal place to enjoy the breathtaking views. Visitors to the city spend most of their time exploring and sightseeing, but a few of them go to places worth visiting in the Lisbon countryside, such as the fishing village “Ericeira”, the town of “Sesimbra” and the coastal resort “Cacheç”, which is characterized by its stunning views. You can also see dolphins in the coastal town of Setubal.

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8- Street arts

Among the other things that the city of Lisbon is famous for is that it is an open gallery of artworks, where only one round in its streets is sufficient to confirm this. As you tour the city, you will see the creativity of its artists on the façades of buildings and boutiques, as well as dance performances and music playing.

9- Cultural and historical monuments

From the 16th-century Moorish castles to the largest aquarium in Europe, the city of Lisbon has a unique blend of past and present. You can learn about the history of the city and its local culture by visiting the Church of “Sao Roque”, which is one of the most expensive churches in the world, or you can simply wander around the old city and see its buildings and ancient streets.

10- One of the least expensive capitals in Europe

The city of Lisbon is one of Europe’s least expensive capitals, so it is an ideal destination for a low-cost vacation, especially during the spring and autumn months, which is one of the best times of the year to visit the city. During this period, there are many opportunities for free activities such as visiting beaches and sightseeing. Also, the prices of food and food in Lisbon are lower compared to other European cities due to the fact that the number of tourists there is relatively less. Here you will find a myriad of options for accommodations and affordable flights.

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