List of chalets for daily rent in Abu Dhabi

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A guide to the best chalets for daily rent in Abu Dhabi, chalets are always the best residential spaces for holidays, honeymoon vacations, and various family occasions, and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has been able to provide these chalets for lovers to spend times in chalets, especially for quick and temporary holidays, and here is an article in Arab travelers with more details.

Chalets in Abu Dhabi on the sea

  • Jabal Dhanna Resort

The community is distinguished by the availability of approximately 24 chalets overlooking the sea directly, to provide a vacation on the Gulf Coast for German and European delegations, as well as the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others.
These chalets feature a stretch of the sea coast up to 800 meters, and give guests a relaxing atmosphere in their vacation, in addition to providing rent for individuals, families, newlyweds and children to enjoy the coastal nature, and activities such as diving, fishing, canoeing, skiing, etc.
The resort is located near the industrial areas of Abu Dhabi.

A guide to finding the best chalets for daily rent in Abu Dhabi

  • Chalets are available in Abu Dhabi when resorts, tourist villages, or apartment complexes overlooking the sea are available, so a one-day chalet rent experience to spend time on the beach in Abu Dhabi is one of the experiences that deserve, and for this we will indicate below the most important sites through which you can search, and examine the features Prices for renting chalets in Abu Dhabi:
  • dubizzle website

The site is distinguished by the free offer of all residential spaces and real estate sold and leased; just log in for easy search and activate “real estate for rent”, and write the name of Abu Dhabi in the city you want to search, to show you all the results related to your search from the following link.

  • Bizat site

Bizat provides a variety of properties for rent, and provides with it how to contact the offer owner and the ability to search in a specific country or a specific place in this country. It also shows you pictures of the property of this advertisement, and for other ads arranged from oldest to most recent, just choose from the list on the right of the page The rental property you want, and select the country and region you want to search from the following link.

  • The broker’s gate

The broker provides a list of the most important chalets that can be rented in Abu Dhabi, and you can choose to search by activating a list of properties, including rent, to search the list of chalets offered for rent in Abu Dhabi, through the following link.

  • Propertyfinder site

The official website displays everything available for sale or rent in the United Arab Emirates, through a specific search list with more specialized lists to help you find the picture that is closest to what you are looking for in the following site.

There are many sources to find the perfect accommodation for your vacation or the place you want to celebrate on your special and family occasions. The resorts and hotels in Abu Dhabi provide this variety of chalets according to the number of rest and sleep rooms, and the luxuries attached to the chalet, to achieve the utmost entertainment and enjoyment for the individual and the entire family.


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