List of the best places to visit in Dubai for free

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If you want to know places to visit in Dubai for free, we will present it to you via our article today from Arab travelers, there are many interfaces that you can go to, and see without paying any fees. If you travel on a trip to Dubai, you should know that there are landmarks and tourist areas Wonderful entertainment, and charming, will take you to another world of enjoyment and recreation, so let’s go on a tour together for free places within the city of Dubai.

Best places to visit in Dubai for free

You can take transportation, whether bicycle, bus, or taxi, and go through the streets in the city, so that you can see it in general, and get an idea about it.
Then you can wander around the free and cheap places offered by the city, including: –

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

You can go on a tour to the Al-Fahidi neighborhood, and it was called old Bastakiya, and dates back to the beginning of the previous century, and contains a number of old neighborhoods and alleys, and there are wind towers built over the buildings, which are traditional air conditioning.
You can also visit the Majlis Gallery to see the water and oil paintings showing the beauty of the desert, and you should visit the magnificent garden in it.

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Jumeirah Mosque

This mosque is visited by those who have an interest in Islam, and they want to know more about it, and a Muslim or non-Muslim can enter the mosque, in exchange for paying a small amount of 2.5 US dollars. , Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, from 10 am to 11.5 am.
There will be a session to ask and answer questions, and this does not require reservation in advance.
It is preferable for women to wear a scarf to cover their heads in case they are not wearing the blouse, with a skirt, skirt, or long trousers. The mosque allows borrowing these clothes if the woman is wearing something else.

Dubai Museum

It is considered one of the oldest buildings in Dubai city, and inside it you find many fictional and wonderful exhibits, and you can see the old Islamic schools, and see the traditional craftsmen during their work, and others, and the working hours start from Saturday to Thursday from 8:30 in the morning until 8:30 in the evening, as for Friday. The museum opens its doors at two in the afternoon until eight and a half in the evening, and to know more information about this museum, or any cultural activity that you can see through this link.

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gold market

You can visit it in order to see the best charming and charming jewelry, this market is one of the oldest markets for gold, and there are those who say that 20% of the world’s gold, we find it passes through it.
Even if you do not want to buy you can see only, and this market opens its doors to receive visitors from morning to 10 pm, and its rest period is from one in the afternoon until four in the afternoon.

Big bus ride

Its price is cheap, and you can see the different locations of the city of Dubai, and the journey of this bus starts from the station located near the gold market, and passes on one of the tunnels under the city of Jumeirah, and the Dubai Creek, near the Mall of the Emirates.

Visit the Dubai Mall

You can roam the Dubai Mall for free, which is one of the largest malls in the world, it includes about 1200 stores, in addition to 22 cinema screens, more than 50 hotels, and a soccer field in the external area, in addition to about 100 cafes and restaurants, in addition to the presence of Dubai Aquarium, And the Dubai Skating Rink, in addition to the presence of an aquatic zoo, and there is an electronic entertainment city with about a hundred and fifty games.

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Creek Park

It is located on the outskirts of the creek, and also Bur Dubai, and through it you can see charming and wonderful views of the city, and there are many trees and green plants, and if you go out with you family, this pupil will suit you a lot, especially if you like walking on the feet, and this garden contains On children’s play areas, for barbecue food, or bicycle rental, you can also rent a cable car and walk over the park high.
And this garden has a simple entrance fee of about 5 dirhams, its doors are open from eight in the morning until ten in the evening, on Sundays to Wednesday, its doors open from 8 in the morning until 10 in the evening, and from Thursday to Saturday, schedules are from eight in the morning until eleven in the evening.
This is in addition to other places, including: –

  • Spice market, spices.
  • Go to public parks.
  • Dubai Fountains.
  • Family visit to Greens.
  • Going to the knowledgeable village and entering it about 15 dirhams per person
  • Al Mamzar Beach Park.
  • Visit Al Serkal neighborhood of art.
  • Go to free beaches, and other places.
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