The list of the most beautiful tourist areas in the UAE is recommended to visit, this is the subject of our article today, as the United Arab Emirates has become one of the most important tourist destinations in recent years, thanks to its economic growth, which helped to cause an urban revolution that helped it impose itself on the map of Arab and international tourism And the UAE consists of 7 emirates, each of them includes distinctive tourist places, and through the following lines in the Arab travelers we will show you the most important tourist areas in each emirate.

Tourist areas in the Emirates

Tourist places in the emirate of Dubai

  • Burj Khalifa: It is one of the most famous tourist places in Dubai, and it is the highest building in the world, with a length of 828 meters, and through one of the privileged open visitors can see Dubai in full. The tower also includes a vast garden located in front of it reaching an area of ​​11 thousand square meters, overlooking the tower The Dubai Fountain, and the tower has the highest swimming pool in the world.
  • Burj Al Arab Hotel: It is classified as the best hotel in the world, and it was established on an industrial island 321 meters high and overlooks the entire Dubai. The hotel features an underwater restaurant and provides many recreational and therapeutic services.
  • Dubai Fountain: It is located in the middle of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall complex, and it is classified as the tallest exhibition fountain in the world, it offers charming light and musical performances.
  • Dubai Aquarium: Its location is on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, which is an aquatic zoo with a large collection of 33,000 marine animals, and visitors can enjoy watching the ocean and rocky beaches, in addition to diving, swimming among small fish and vaccinating them.
  • Dubai Opera: Dubai Opera overlooks both the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain, and is similar in design to the sailing ships of the Gulf, and the opera can accommodate about 2000 visitors, and offers musical fields, opera shows, theater shows, movies and orchestras. There are also many restaurants in the glass garden located in the opera.
  • Dubai Museum: Located in Dubai’s antique castle, the museum includes antiquities discovered since 3000 BC, in addition to antiques, antiques, distinctive handicrafts and wax sculptures.
  • Dubai Creek: It reaches a length of 15 kilometers, which is a marine tongue that divides the city of Dubai, and was used in public transportation and the establishment of parking along its length, and a cruise can be taken in it to see the sights of Dubai.

Tourist places in the emirate of Abu Dhabi

  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque: It occupies the fourth place in the world in terms of area, and can receive about 40 thousand worshipers, and is characterized by its design where it is decorated with gold and mosaic, and the outer nave has 4 minarets up to 107 meters high, and also contains the largest dome in the world, which weighs about 1000 tons, surrounded by large water basins, and also contains the largest carpet in the world.
  • Qasr al-Hosn: It was built in the seventeenth century, and it consists of a watchtower and a fortress that includes 4 towers, and in the palace several shows are held to explain how the UAE moved from the hunting stage to what it is now, as Emirati art is displayed through the annual palace festival.
  • Yass Island: It is one of the finest islands of Abu Dhabi, which overlooks the Arabian Gulf, and includes beaches, shopping centers, restaurants and a golf course known as Yas Links, Ferrari World Theme Park, in addition to Yas Mall and Yas Marina.

Tourist places in Ras Al Khaimah

  • Iceland Water Park: It includes the largest artificial waterfalls in the world, and allows visitors to enjoy various water recreational games.
  • Ras Al Khaimah Museum: In it, the history of the region is narrated through the display of archaeological artifacts dating back decades.
  • Bedouin oasis: It is a desert camp that embodies the life of the Bedouins, and allows its visitors to learn about the life of the Bedouins.

Tourist places in Ajman

  • Ajman City Museum: It displays the old folk fashion of the UAE, in addition to cooking tools and ancient pottery utensils, in addition to fishing and agricultural tools.
  • Al Hamidiya Park Ajman: It includes many amenities like greenery, cafes, restaurants and sports fields.
  • Chinese market: One of the largest commercial markets in the Emirates, which contains about 3380 thousand shops, in addition to a number of cafes and restaurants.

Tourist places in Sharjah

  • Khalid Lake Sharjah: It contains stunning landscapes, allowing visitors to ride bicycles, walking and running, in addition to that it includes a dancing fountain up to 9 meters long.
  • Al Mahatta Museum, Sharjah: It was established to know the history of aviation in the Emirates, and details of the first human flight attempts.
  • Al Khan Street, Sharjah: It includes a number of diverse archaeological and recreational places, in addition to Sharjah Aquarium.

Tourist places in Fujairah

  • Ain Al-Madab Sulfur Park: One of the most important health resorts in Fujairah for hospitalization, where warm sulfur water treats cold, rheumatic and nerve diseases.
  • Wadi Al-WariaIt is a nature reserve that includes a group of wild animals, plants and birds, in addition to waterfalls and waterfalls.
  • Dive Downs Dive Center: It contains 13 diving sites, the most famous of which are Dibba Island and Shark Island.

Tourist places in Umm Al Quwain

  • Umm Al Quwain Museum: The museum contains a number of exhibits that tell the history of the country, and it consists of two towers, each of which contains museum halls.
  • Xena Island: It includes a number of ancient monuments such as the mass graves, in addition to the natural reserve of animals and natural plants.
  • Umm Al Quwain: It contains a group of lakes surrounded by mangroves that feature dense trees.

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