Guide to the most famous places of tourism in the Philippines for families, the Philippines is characterized by the prosperity of its tourism sector as it includes many wonderful tourist destinations and annually attracts more than 5 million tourists. As for its location, it is in Southeast Asia, which is an archipelago consisting of a group of islands that number to About 7,000 islands.
On the north, it is bordered by the State of Taiwan, on the southwest, it is bordered by the Solo Sea, and on the east, it is bordered by the Philippine Sea, and on the west, it is bordered by the State of Vietnam. The most beautiful places of tourism for families of the Philippines.

List of the most beautiful tourist places in the Philippines for families

1. Malakang Palace

Malakang Palace

  • If you go to the city of Manila there is Malacang Palace, which is one of the most famous historical palaces in the Philippines, so it is characterized by its attractive design linked to Spanish architecture, besides that the main reason for the popularity of this palace is that it is the main headquarters of the presidency.
  • This palace dates back to the eighteenth century where during the occuAl Bahahn of the Philippines by Spain, the Spanish built it as their main headquarters, and it directly overlooks the Pasig River.
  • This palace is primarily a museum that contains many rare collectibles, as well as a large library that includes a variety of books.
  • After completing your tour inside the palace, you can wander around the picturesque garden surrounding it, which includes many rare plants, as well as fresh water fountains and historical monuments.
  • Inside the garden there is a café that offers a group of the finest Filipino meals along with various drinks, enabling you to spend quality time with your family.
  • The dates of visiting the palace starting from eight in the morning until five in the evening, and on all days of the week, except on Saturday and Sunday.

2. Boracay Island

Boracay Island
  • It is not possible to go to recreation in the Philippines without going to the charming island of Boracay, which is located in Aklan State, which includes a group of beaches that are distinguished by its clear waters such as the white beach which is the most famous and best beach in this island.
  • Inside the island there are many great resorts, as well as restaurants overlooking the sea directly, especially on the white beach, which also includes a wonderful scene of sunset.
  • Among the recreational activities that you can do on the island include horse riding and skiing, and of course diving that enables you to enjoy the beauty of sea water.
  • The island includes many restaurants that offer the best seafood, and among the most prominent of these restaurants is the Yamana Restaurant and the Tru Food Restaurant, and there is also a seafood market that includes many types of them.

3. Manila Zoo

Manila Zoo

  • The Zoo in Manila is one of the most important tourist attractions there which is known as the Botanical Garden and is located in the Mallet area, and its area reaches about 5.5 hectares, and its opening date dates back to 1959 AD.
  • The park includes a variety of animals, the most important of which are tigers, elephants and leopards, along with a group of rare plants.
  • Inside the park there is a watercourse that includes a group of ponds in which you can wander around and enjoy its wonderful view by renting boats. There are also many cafes that offer many local dishes and various sweets.
  • Visit times start from eight in the morning until six in the evening, seven days a week.

4. Santiago Castle

Santiago Castle

  • Santiago Castle is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city of Manila, and it is the ideal destination in case you want to visit historical places, and it is a castle located at the entrance of Pasig River.
  • The castle includes a collection of rare possessions, in addition to that it is distinguished by its wonderful architectural design, and wandering inside it enables you to discover a lot about Philippine history.
  • There is a picturesque garden surrounding the castle that enables you to get a good degree of relaxation and tranquility by sitting in the designated places and spread throughout the garden, and you can ride horse carts for more enjoyment of the place.

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