The summer camps in Dubai are one of the most important aspects of receiving the summer at the end of the school season, as it is one of the most popular summer programs for children who are eagerly waiting for them to practice all the various activities to get rid of the burden of the previous school year. It also has a great role in developing his mental skills and enhancing his ability to take responsibility, as it helps him to build new friendships and make him a social person capable of dealing with everyone. That is why we present to you in our article this summer camps in Dubai by Arab travelers.

List of the most popular summer camps in Dubai

Summer camps help fill the summer vacation void for children, and give parents the opportunity to do their jobs without feeling preoccupied with their children and leave them to social media and TV channels without supervision, to become the perfect choice for the best way to spend their children’s vacation and make it both beneficial and enjoyable at the same time. Clubs, hotels and schools also organize several summer camps suitable for children, and they distribute their places to make them suitable for everyone.

Mirdif camp

Mirdif camp is one of the huge camps located in City Center Mirdif, and it contains many different activities that children can enjoy doing, among them:

Snow Park Experience

By visiting Ski Dubai and enjoying the activities of the snowy garden, the ice corridors, and the skating wheel.

Book Club

With it, children read useful books that help them develop their culture and broaden their awareness.

Show movies

  • Various and fun films will be shown to children.
  • Flying into the air tunnel for I-fly Dubai.

Fitness classes

By providing lessons for children in various fields such as dance and martial arts.
And many other activities
You can contact them and book a place for your child by visiting their website, or call the following number 971561779810.

Legendland Victory Camp

It is considered one of the most important and oldest summer camps in Dubai, which contains an elite of trainers with great experience for many years in this field and ways to deal with children and develop their skills in various activities such as swimming, dancing and skiing, in addition to field trips outside the camp, as it provides them with means of transportation from And to their homes.
You can contact them via email [email protected] Or by visiting their official website.

– Tashkeel Summer Camp

This camp is characterized by the multiplicity of activities available in it and its short duration, it is for a period of only one week, and this camp is concerned with artistic activities greatly, it helps children of artists express themselves and their talents freely, and holds artistic workshops in various fields such as photography, handicrafts and sculpture.
And you can communicate with them through their website.

Divers Choreography Center

It is one of the most important camps that are concerned with supporting children who are passionate about dance, theater, drama, hip hop and jazz, as it helps them to develop and develop their artistic skills through a number of workshops, and it makes them give a weekly presentation that includes what they stayed during that week, in the presence of parents.

Parco Dubai

It is considered one of the wonderful summer programs in Dubai, and it teaches the basic concepts and techniques of parkour in a safe and at the same time enjoyable environment for them, under the supervision of a group of trainers and specialists in this field. You can visit their official website to communicate with them and find out all about their services.

Courtyard Play House

This camp focuses heavily on theater arts and includes a narration program for children from 4 to 7 years old, and a junior program for children from 8 to 11 years old. And you can communicate with them through their official page on Facebook.

Building Blocks Nursery

Building Blocks Preschool offers two summer camp programs divided between children under 4 and one for older children. It includes many activities and recreational programs for children that help them develop their skills, such as fitness and dance workshops, arts and crafts, and science and cooking as well. This nursery is located in the Apex Atrium building, Motor City, and you can contact them by phone + 97144534363, or visit their website.

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