In the following lines we show you the lifestyle of Khalifa City Abu Dhabi in the Emirates, where the company responsible for real estate development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi developed the city of Khalifa, and is keen to provide all the services that the residents of the region need in order for their city to become integrated, it is mentioned that it has transportation, educational schools and markets in addition To hospitals and recreational clubs, and what distinguishes the city is its quietness away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, in addition to its proximity to the emirate so it does not exceed the distance between them for a period of thirty minutes, and it is worth noting that the prices of housing and rent are low compared to the areas around it, and in the burglary The following Arab travelers show you the way you live in the city and the services available.

Living style, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi

Strategic location

The city is surrounded by many distinctive landmarks in the United Arab Emirates, so in less than fifteen minutes you can reach Abu Dhabi Airport, as well as access to Yas Island where recreational activities take place in the water park, in addition to its proximity to the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, and the proximity of Khalifa City to Saadiyat Island, and in a very short period of time, you can reach the Abu Dhabi Golf Club and the Al-Fursan Club to enjoy various activities such as horse riding and shooting games.

Real estate city

The UAE prevents expats from owning real estate in the city, because ownership is limited to only citizens of the Emirates and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. As for expatriates, they can rent housing units of various sizes, from small studios to apartments and large villas, and rental rates for residential units start from eighteen AED For the unit, which is a low price compared to the rental rates in the capital, it is worth noting that all streets and real estate have secure parking.

Educational institutions

There are a lot of educational schools and nurseries in the city that are classified among the best schools in Abu Dhabi, as well as follow the developed curricula in the education of their students, and the city also has a park equipped with a large games area, so the schools, nurseries and parks area are linked together in one square, which makes the city a very special place For family housing in Abu Dhabi.
It also owns many schools that follow the international curricula in its education, such as the School of Fair Choueifat is among the ten best schools in the United Arab Emirates, in addition to the Jess Academy, which follows the American system in its curricula and the international baccalaureate system, and there is also the Al Raha International School that adopts the international curricula in Teaching and classes begin from the first grade of primary school, up to the thirteenth grade.


The company responsible for planning the city has made sure to have parking lots on all its streets for citizens, even if you are not a city resident you will be able to easily find a secure position for your car, while for transportation within the city there are buses that transport residents to major cities and taxis, and their residents can go For Dubai by taxi or bus ride from the island, the city is also very close to Abu Dhabi Al Ain Road, and the emirate highway.

medical services

There are many medical services available in the city that help citizens when needed. There are many medical centers and hospitals in addition to a large number of pharmacies in addition to specialized clinics. There is also the Royal NMC Hospital, and Mediclinic Hospital which helps the patients with severe city injuries.

Places of worship and mosques

There are many mosques in the city that are distinguished in their engineering design, and exquisite and upscale decorations, such as the Abdullah bin Omar Mosque and the Basit Mosque. The city also has the Church of St. Thomas, which many Christians living in Abu Dhabi prefer to go to to practice religious rituals and rituals of worship.

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