London in the winter

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London tourism guide in the winter, known as the city of fog, London is one of the largest cities in Britain and this is because the population has 8 million people, as the city of London is one of the most important cities that are distinguished by luxury and luxury.
This is because it contains many fields such as the field of culture, fashion, finance and trade, as this city is considered one of the important tourist destinations, as it is one of the favorite countries of many people, as it attracts the largest number of tourists throughout the year, as London takes a great place among many.

London in the winter:

This is because it is known that tourism is in the winter until there are many different places that can be visited with ease, and this was confirmed by many tourists when they arrived, as we will today talk about London in the winter and places that can be visited in the winter , As London provides winter tourism lovers with many different tourist places that can be visited at any time, as we are through that topic identifying the most important monuments through that article.

Tourism in London in the winter:

The city of London has been called the land of wonder in winter, especially the Hyde Park area, which is an essential part of the city of London, as it is the best winter tourist city, and it also attracts a very large number of tourists, and this is because it has a large number of distinctive winter recreational activities.
It is what compels tourists to reach London, and the sport of skiing in the winter is one of the most important recreational works that they love to do, and you cannot miss the opportunity to ski in those wonderful times where some other work is provided in the winter such as:

  • Ice Skating in Somerset House: Snowboarding is one of the most important activities that London can provide for tourism in the virtue of winter, which is about ice rinks, and it is known that the skating rink in Somerset House is one of the most famous places that work in this area, as it is the arena The most popular in London, and this service is also provided to many people. It is located in the areas surrounding the square dating back to the 18th century, where music service can be enjoyed while surfing in the evening.
  • Bay Melia Hotel: One of the most famous distinguished five-star hotels, and it is one of the most famous places in London, as it is a short walk from the ice rink.
  • Quares Hotel: It is one of the famous hotels that exist near Hyde Park where you can stay and enjoy the best winter visits in London, it is a distance of not less than a quarter of an hour’s walk from the lively Oxford Street, and it is known that this street is one of the most important tourist places that tourists enjoy when Going to the city of London, as it has many distinctive shops that buy all international clothing brands from this street.

London Eye Wheel:

London Eye or Pet Wheel. This wheel is located in the western side of the Jubilee Gardens. It is located on the shore of the South Thames River, and it is located between the bridge and the Sunmester and the Chunggerford Bridge. London is also one of the largest tourist cities.
Especially that place comes to a very large number of tourists in order to see the wheel of the London Eye, where there are famous tourist attractions such as Big Ben and the Tower of London, as this is one of the most important features of the city of fog.
This wheel has received many awards, the most important of which is the bronze award and this is because it is the most entertaining place in the UK for the year 2011, where everyone can enjoy riding the wheel.
And see all the different areas in London, and you can take distinct photos that make you remember the best places visited in the city of London, where the journey takes over the wheel half an hour, and at this time you can see the beauty of the city of London from above, where the primary axis of that wheel is It is above ground.


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