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Paris and London are among the most popular cities and are always ranked among the “best cities in the world”. In recent years, London snatched the title of “the best city in the world” from the French capital Paris, with 16.9 million visitors.
But many are against this coronation as they believe that Paris is much better than London. In fact, based on our different experiences, we feel that it is impossible to compare these two great cities, given that they both enjoy their unique culture and heritage. Therefore, we chose some of the factors that distinguish one over the other according to the opinions of the readers. Should we miss any of these benefits, do not hesitate to leave your comments below.

Paris and London

The best of Paris and the best of London

the shopping

Recommendations of the Arab travelers: Paris
The name Europe is usually associated with history, culture and traditions. London, New York, Paris and Milan are the fashion capitals of the world. Although London is the land of great shopping malls, Paris continues to be named the world’s fashion capital by virtue of its unique shopping experiences that make it one of the best shopping cities in the world.

Historic attractions

Recommendations of Arab travelers: London
Luxurious palaces and wide streets, Paris offers some of the best tourist attractions such as Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower, as well as beautiful old buildings decorate it, and thus Paris is definitely one of the best cities to visit, but you will notice during your wandering in London that the city enjoys ancient charm and green nature in every A place, along with low-rise buildings and narrow streets that often make it feel like small warm cities; if you love history you will definitely fall in love with this city. There is also a looming city skyline on the London Eye, Big Ben Tower, Tower Bridge and Tower of London, among other attractions.

A train from London to Paris

Public transport

Recommendations of Arab travelers: London
Thanks to the number of more train and subway stations and cheaper tickets, we can say that the public transport system in Paris is a little ahead of London (although some trains in Paris are less clean!), And given the less green spaces in the city, it is easier to get around too. And if you work you will only pay half of the transportation fee under French law, so this is an added advantage!
However, London’s public transport system is much more organized and efficient, despite the number of trains and stations less compared to France. Public transportation prices are also higher in London compared to the various transportation options in the French capital. London is a huge city and therefore wandering around is more expensive, but when the public transportation system is very comfortable, and cleaner than what other European cities are, it puts it at the forefront.

The cost of living

Recommendations of Arab travelers: London
The cost of housing is unreasonably high in both cities, but staying in Paris is a bit cheaper compared to London, so it is difficult to find a place to live unless your income is high. The cost of daily living in London is much cheaper compared to Paris except in the case that your taste is exceptional, because most of the historical and cultural attractions and museums in London are free or studied prices or you may find discounts on them. In Paris, entry prices to most attractions are generally high.

Paris and London

the food

Recommendations of Arab travelers: London
The art of cooking in the British capital London has witnessed many changes and new factors in the past thirty years, which put him in a position ahead of its competitor Paris. As the population of London jumped from 6 million to 8 million, it thus became more diverse in races and cultures, which greatly contributed to the diversity of culinary schools and influenced local English cuisine. Today, Londoners are confused because the city is full of excellent dining options.

Festivals and events

Recommendations of Arab travelers: both cities
London is more dense and multicultural in comparison to Paris and its art and culture sector has the advantage. In terms of sport, Wimbledon tennis and Premier League football clubs such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United are ahead of their French counterparts in stages. London also includes a new Olympic stadium that the French could not build. London has high influences on various fields of art outside the UK, such as music, dance, street art, opera, theaters, cinema and television. As for Paris, it does not sleep, and activities and celebrations continue day and night.
London or Paris, Paris or London – the decision is yours!
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