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London sights

London Tower

The Tower of London was built on the bank of the River Thames, and its history dates back to the 11th century AD, and was also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

London Eye

The London Eye was built in 1991 AD above the Thames River, and rises to 134.11 meters above the Thames River, and its passengers can enjoy watching the central London area, although its cost is a little high, but this experience will last for about half an hour, and good discounts are available for large groups and children For the elderly, it is preferable to use public transportation to reach the London Eye, and the Waterloo train station is the ideal choice to get there.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

A visitor to the cathedral can enjoy exploring all its parts and facilities, with the possibility of going up to its summit to enjoy viewing the rest of the highlights of London from a high height, except that its height does not exceed the height of the London Eye, as it reaches a height of only 111.25 meters, and the visitor is advised upon arriving at the top of the cathedral to look Toward its floor for a unique and breathtaking view.

Bridge of london

The London Bridge was built in 1176 AD, and at that time it took the form of an arch to be the first arch bridge in the country. As for the current bridge, it was built between 1968 AD and 1872 AD, and cuts the River Thames to connect King William Street in London and the main Borough Street in Southwark.

London Zoo

The London Zoo received its first visitors in 1847 AD, and it now includes about 698 different types of animals, and receives a large number of Londoners and tourists coming to the city, as the park includes a number of unique animals.

Tourists coming to London

London is Britain’s most visited city for tourists, as it receives millions of tourists who hold European citizenship, such as Germans, Australians, italyns and many others, in addition to tourists from outside the European continent.

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