London Tourist Bus: All you need to know about the London Tourist Bus

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The London Tourist Bus, or Hop on Hop of London, is a unique sign that distinguishes the city of fog from other cities in the world. You must have watched it on TV several times while walking through the famous streets of London while surrounded by antique buildings.
Besides London’s well-known tourist bus, it is also the fastest, cheapest and most comfortable way to enjoy sightseeing in the city.
If you have a little time to spend in London, do not be disturbed. Through the London tourist bus, you will be able to see all the famous attractions in a short period and at the lowest possible cost while sitting on a comfortable outdoor chair with your favorite drink.
Also, if you are visiting London for the first time, it is a great idea to take a quick look at all the city’s landmarks to plan the trip and specify the landmarks that you will visit later.

London Tourist Bus All you need to know about the - London Tourist Bus: All you need to know about the London Tourist Bus
Below we provide you with a comprehensive guide about the London tourist bus, how to use it and the most important advantages it provides in addition to the most important milestones it passes through, the best companies that provide service and ticket prices.
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  • How to use the London tourist bus
  • London Tourist Bus Features
  • The most important landmarks that the bus passes through
  • The best tourist bus in London
  • London bus tickets

How to use the London tourist bus

You can ride the tourist bus in London by purchasing a ticket through one of the companies that provide the service, then the bus will take you on a tour around all the famous sights of the city, where you can enjoy taking a quick look from the outside while the bus is passing by and standing for minutes.
If you want to explore the sights from the inside, you can go down to those sights and enter them. After completion, you can complete the tour and ride the next bus with the same ticket, but provided that it belongs to the same company that was booked during.
There is no fixed number of times to get off and board, so you can get off the bus or ride it as you like during the duration of the ticket, which may reach 72 hours, depending on its category.

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London Tourist Bus Features

The tourist bus provides many advantages that make it the first choice for many tourists to take a pleasant tour around the most famous tourist attractions in London and enjoy the charming city atmosphere, and the most important of these advantages:

    • The bus consists of two floors. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy the outdoor seating on the open top floor. If the weather is cold, you can sit on the adapted basement.
    • All buses have free Wi-Fi, where you can take photos and share them with your friends on social networks immediately or make a live broadcast of your trip.
    • All buses include an audio guide in 12 languages, which provides some interesting historical information about the sights when passing by, and there is also a guide in many buses in English.
    • London bus passengers get a map of the itinerary and the landmarks that the bus will pass, and a bus passes through the same tourist attraction every 10 to 20 minutes.
    • Prices for bus tickets in London are very cheap compared to what you would pay if you took taxis or used the metro to take the same tour as a coach.

The most important landmarks that the London tourist bus passes through

The tourist bus in London passes all the famous landmarks in the city from museums, historical monuments, gardens, among which are many unique monuments that must be stopped and explored from the inside, such as:

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Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge in London is one of the oldest and most famous historical bridges, and with a height of 65 meters, it was awarded the title of the highest bridge in the world in 1896 AD. Visitors can enjoy watching the designs of the inner bridge … Read more

Wax Museum

Also called the Madame Tussauds Museum, it is completely different from other regular museums, as it includes statues made of wax for the most famous figures in many fields such as art and sports and these statues are made with the professionalism so highly that you will be counted by real people … Read more

Big Ben watch

It is the most famous tourist attraction in London, and it dates back more than a century and a half as it was opened in 1858 AD You must take a memorial photo beside it to document your trip to London … Read more

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace takes you on an exciting royal tour of history, as long as this palace has been a symbol of luxury and sophistication throughout the ages, this luxurious palace is located less than 10 minutes’ walk from Big Ben, so it is wonderful to get off the tourist bus and visit them together … Read more

London Eye

Enjoy looking at the city and taking pictures at a height of approximately 135 meters on the banks of the Thames in the London Eye’s spinning wheel. It is an adventure worth trying and your journey to London would not be complete without it … Read more

The best tourist bus in London

There are many companies that offer tourist buses in London, but among them 3 companies are considered the best as their buses are characterized by modernity and the large number and those companies are Big bus, Original Tor And Golden Tours (Click on the company’s name to visit its website.) The three companies do not differ much from each other, they use the same kind of buses as well as the same routes.

London bus tickets

Most of the companies that provide the tourist bus service in London offer tickets for a period of 24 hours to 72 hours at prices that differ slightly from one company to another. Tickets can be booked online through companies ’websites or through their private parking.
Some companies in the ticket price offer free tickets for river cruises, as well as guided tours with free guided tour as well.
In the following table, a comparison of the types and prices of tickets provided by Big Bass, Original Tours and Golden Tours:

The company
A 24-hour ticket
A 48-hour ticket
A 72-hour ticket

Big Bus
£ 33.30
£ 39.60
£ 45.00
Press here

Original Tour
£ 30.50
£ 40.00
£ 50.00
Press here

Golden Tours
£ 32.00
£ 37.00
£ 45.00
Press here

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