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London Tower

The Tower of London is an historic ancient castle that previously represented (before 1837 AD) the residence of many kings and queens of England. The castle was also used as a prison for figures belonging to the middle and upper classes. Today, the Tower of London represents one of the most prominent tourist attractions. In the city of London.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the ruling family since 1993, and today it is the seat of Queen Elizabeth II, knowing that the date of construction of this palace dates back to the eighteenth century AD, and visitors and tourists can visit the palace and tour the government rooms, This should be done at specific times.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is the second largest church in the United Kingdom, where it was built in the oldest part of London. It is distinguished for its wonderful architectural design in the English Baroque style, and it is visited by large numbers of tourists and visitors to the city; it represents One of the most famous and most important tourist attractions in the city of London.

London Eye

London Eye (London: English) is a wheel, or a huge wheel spinning in the air, and its construction was completed in 2000 AD, and at that time it represented the largest spinning wheel in the world, knowing that it is very popular with the city’s tourists and visitors, where it can ride , And enjoy the wonderful views of the city and its sights from above.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a historical monumental church built for the first time in 960 AD, and many landmarks were added to it during the thirteenth century AD, and it should be noted that this church, which is characterized by its wonderful architectural design in the Gothic style, served as a traditional place; To crown the kings of England.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is considered one of the important attractions in the city of London, as it represents a scientific exhibition of nature that includes within it many pieces, artworks that express the history of the earth, in addition to the remains of structures and fossils of dinosaurs.

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