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Guide to the most famous tourist and leisure places in Los Angeles It is recommended to visit from the experiences of travelers, Los Angeles is one of the largest cities located in the state of California, as it is located in the western United States of America, and it is the second city in the United States in terms of population density after New York, and Los Angeles overlooks the ocean The Pacific passed through San Pedro Bay and Santa Monica Bay, which made it the third most cosmopolitan city along its sandy coast, after Perth and Rio de Janeiro.
This city is considered a state and not only a city, as its area may be greater than many of some countries, and it is considered one of the wealthiest cities in America, and it is considered as a region within Los Angeles an independent city, for example, the Hollywood region is considered an independent city that is completely different from the Santa Monica area, Beverly Hills and South Long Beach, and other areas of the south, is the bustling city that boasts many high-end hotels, attractions, and outstanding restaurants, as well as great shopping.

Los Angeles Tourism:

  • Disneyland:

It is considered one of the entertainment landmarks suitable for children and families. Disneyland is a city of fun and entertainment, and it is the first among the largest parks. Disneyland was built as important in California, it was opened in 1955, and it is considered the first and only park of its kind where it was designed and built under supervision Walt Disney, in 2013 Disneyland hosted 650 million visitors and the number is still increasing, making it the third park in the world in terms of visitor numbers.

  • Universal Studios Hollywood:

It is a film studio and a park at the same time, Universal Studio is located in the Universal City area of ​​the San Fernando Valley, and it is considered one of the oldest and most famous movie studios located in Hollywood, and it is still used until the present time, and it is considered one of the first complete international studios in the whole world, during Visiting the studio can learn how to make cinema scenes behind the scenes, and how to perform the effects and tricks that are shown in films.

  • Hollywood neighborhood:

This neighborhood is located in the central area of ​​Los Angeles, and it is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in the United States of America, because it is considered the main habitat of the American cinema industry. Hollywood unifies many shopping options where ready-to-wear clothes and gifts can be bought, and there are many restaurants, and there is the Griffith Park, which is suitable for camping, hiking, hiking and biking, as well as visiting the zoo.

  • Venice Beach:

This beach stretches for about three miles, and is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in America and the most popular in the summer, where visitors are frequent vacationers from all over the world and the United States of America, there can be swimming, water sports and surfing, and many activities that are available on the beach Such as beach tennis, volleyball and cycling.

  • Zoo:

It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Los Angeles, as it has an area of ​​133 acres. It was established in 1966 and expanded in 2002 to include more than 800 different plant species. It was named after the Zoo and Los Angeles Botanical Gardens. There you can see a unicorn The elephant closely, as well as watching large numbers of plants of various types.

  • Madame Tussauds wax museum, Hollywood:

This museum is located on Hollywood Street, and it is the ninth museum among the series of wax museums around the world, as it is very popular by the residents of the city, there can be seen many important figures that are displayed in the museum in terms of cinema and art, where you can see the statues of favorite stars And take some memorial photos next to them.

  • Griffith Park:

It is considered one of the most famous parks in Los Angeles, and over the years this park has been developed especially for recreational attractions located throughout the park, but there is a large part of the park that has not been changed and dates back to the days of the original American villages that were present in the lower slopes of the region, where it is located A number of recreational games, and there is the Greek Theater, next to the park includes many walking paths and other paths dedicated to bicycles, and there is an equestrian center in the park, and the park has a mini train, which is one of the most famous landmarks of Los Angeles.

  • Natural History Museum:

This museum is located close to the University of Southern California, and it is considered the largest museum of natural history in the western United States of America, with a number of collections of approximately 35 million masterpieces and specimens, covering 4.5 billion years, there you can see the structures of dinosaurs that inhabited the Earth from millions of years, and there there are Animated models of the dinosaur object for visitors to see as if they were alive, and there is a section dedicated to butterflies of various shapes and types that fly freely in its area that was allocated to them, and the museum has many other sections such as the section devoted to mammals and in it displays the most scarce and strange neighborhoods, in what Be familiar with animal behaviors and lifestyles.

  • Sunset Street:

This street is 39 km from Hollywood, where it is located on the Pacific Coast Highway, and Sunset Street has a number of luxury restaurants, international shopping centers and many well-known and famous theaters such as Tiffany Theater and Roxy Theater where you can enjoy watching 3D movies.

  • Six Flags City:

It is one of the largest entertainment cities in Los Angeles, as this city is suitable for horror and excitement enthusiasts, it contains a large number of terrifying games that make its visitors live an atmosphere of adventure, excitement, horror and fun.

  • Whats tower:

This tall tower is distinguished by its beautiful design and shape as it is inlaid with stained glass, and it contains many mosaic artworks.

  • The Last Book Store:

This distinguished place contains a huge number of books in many fields, it is possible to buy some gifts and books from there.


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