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Lost Paradise of Dilmun

It is the largest water park in the Middle East, opened on 2/9/2009 m, above a desert hill, located south of the Kingdom of Bahrain, where the park covers an area of ​​77000 m 2, which means that it can accommodate five thousand visitors at the same time, and the total cost of establishing The park is over 50 million USD.

The label

Dilmun was called by this name because it is a public garden that took its idea from the great history of the Dilmun civilization that existed in the Kingdom four thousand years ago, and the rich history of Bahrain in general, where facilities, entertainment mechanisms and rock embodiments were designed with a high historical and aesthetic touch, which is one of the parts of the “Al Areen” project, which is It is one of the largest projects of the Gulf Finance House, which has cost more than one billion dollars, and is expected to increase the position of Bahrain in the tourism and entertainment industry significantly.

Landmarks of the park

The park includes more than 20 basic water games, such as water guns of various shapes and colors, water sled games, and many swimming pools, such as the lagoon pool, which is characterized as the only pool surrounded by a sandy beach in the Middle East, which increases the enthusiasm of visitors, Their unlimited pleasure, as a long river stretches around the garden, is estimated to be about 325 meters in length, and it passes through a number of tunnels, with walls decorated with historical drawings, and using many audio and visual effects, in addition to a large series of distinguished restaurants, which serve the most delicious international dishes and drinks that The Samar Cafe, which is an ideal place to spend warm, enjoyable and comfortable times, has recently been built a lake on a high side of the beach, and it has been called the Blue Lake, where it is surrounded by transparent glass walls, where snacks and drinks are served. Varied.

Development of the park

It is scheduled soon, within the new plan, to expand the park, provide safety in it, and make it more enjoyable and exciting for all its pioneers, using the latest global technology, within a specific timetable, so it is supposed to be ready at the beginning of the second quarter, in addition to the two new games, “The Pirate Ship” “, Which will be a real adventure for children, enjoying a very exciting atmosphere, and includes pirate logos, and animation that put visitors in a atmosphere very similar to the reality of pirate life, in addition to water skiing, of different colors, and the game” rocking slip rings ” , Dedicated to the children of the brave and powerful, and that they will enjoy them a lot of children, through water kayaking Balzlajat in the surrounding water falls, water and sniping machine guns.

It is also scheduled to add two new restaurants to the park, reveal exciting showcasing shows, various entertainment programs, DJs and artistic concerts hosted by many Gulf singers and the world, as part of the new expansion plan.

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