Lotte World in Seoul, the largest indoor amusement park in the world

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One of the most interesting attractions in South Korea is the World of Lot, the largest indoor entertainment city in the world, which has achieved extensive global success.
Lotte World is a major attraction in the Korean capital, Seoul. Guinness World Records has entered and are divided into two regions, one of which includes a closed indoor park, and the other is the outer park that includes “Magic Island”, an industrial island set up in the center of “Sokchohnoso” Connected with the monorail system, the shopping centers and the luxury hotel adjacent to it. Add to this the Korean Folk Museum, many sports facilities and cinemas.

Lot World, the most attractive teacher for families in Seoul

The world covered theme park Lot Entertainment games are divided into four main levels for games and adventure, including the underground floor. Most of the big games are on the first floor, while the second features stunning rollercoaster which is the main attraction. As for the third floor, it contains a water slide. The Jungle Adventure and Folk Museum provide a look at all aspects of Korean life, and learn about its people, history, culture and folklore.
As for the electric train system, it is located on the third floor, as it provides transportation services for visitors throughout the park. While on the fourth floor, tours can be taken through balloons, to take a panoramic view of the entire park, in addition to the animal theater for children.

Restaurants in City of Lot World entertainment

Here you will have the opportunity to try various Korean or international cuisine in any of the 48 restaurants located there, which represent the various major kitchens around the world to gather under one roof. Children will also spend time in various cabarets there, such as “Mirror Mayes”, “Tomb of Horror”, “Spice Journey”, among others.
Since the opening of “Lot World” on July 12, 1989, the park has worked year round to achieve great success among the local residents or foreign tourists alike. As the place receives 7.3 million visitors annually, which made it one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the capital, Seoul.
So if you are traveling with your family and looking for a place where your children can have fun, then Seoul is your desired destination, especially when you visit “Lot World” and you check yourself with all its advantages.


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