The Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi provides information about it in detail, among the most prominent museums in the United Arab Emirates, as it contains a large collection of artifacts and paintings that express the cultures of peoples in different countries of the world, in addition to expressing the different civilizations that have evolved since the presence of man on the ground to this day This, visitors and tourists go to this museum to learn about the ideas and civilization of others, and to form a knowledge background on various arts, the museum was opened in 2020 after a cooperative agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the countries of France, to become the place of the most prominent cultural centers that exist It is located in the capital Abu Dhabi, and in the following lines we show you, through Arab travelers, museum entry prices in addition to opening times, and an overview of the architectural design of the place.

Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi Info

Opening times for the Louvre Abu Dhabi

  • The museum is open from ten in the morning until ten in the evening, seven days a week, except for Friday.

Tickets for the Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets

  • The ticket price for entering the Louvre Museum and visiting the Children’s Museum is 60 AED.
  • You can enter the Louvre only and pay 30 UAE dirhams for ages 13 to 22.
  • The entry ticket for teaching and military personnel is AED 30.
  • Children under 13 years of age are allowed free of charge.
  • People of determination enter the museum for free.
  • Members of the Friends of Art club and members of the International Council of Museums enter the museum for free.

Artworks at the Louvre Abu Dhabi

  • The museum seeks to display artistic masterpieces and distinctive paintings, in addition to manuscripts that express the different historical periods, and that mimic the cultures of peoples around the world and express their social and cultural customs, with the aim of displaying human experiences throughout history in various geographical regions.
  • Visitors can also see and see these artifacts closely and examine them themselves, and discover the advantages of these works and their various characteristics, in addition to learning about the meanings that the art paintings tell in the museum, and next to each painting or design a simplified explanation of the content and history of the artwork is available, and translation is also available For this explanation in more than one language to help visitors to tourists learn about the nature of the place, the museum also seeks to exchange different knowledge with other museums around the world, and exchange cultures with artistic and cultural centers, through temporary exhibitions that borrow artifacts from other international museums to display The visitors in order to exchange cultures with other peoples.

Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi Info

Designed by the Louvre Abu Dhabi Architectural Museum

  • The museum is located on Saadiyat Island in the capital Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and was designed at a height of forty meters above the water surface, thanks to its design to Jean Nouvel, who is one of the most famous designers in the world, who has received the Pritzker Prize, and what distinguishes the design of the place It is the creation of water tables that give it an aesthetic and distinctive view, in addition to creating a museum dome and ornamenting it with palm frond shapes that make the dome appear a masterpiece of genius.
  • Visitors to the place can enter the various galleries overlooking the sea, which combine artistic and distinctive architectural design, and between the picturesque and beautiful nature, and in these halls there are artworks that tell about the history of humanity, in addition to artifacts that symbolize different civilizations experienced by man, as well as Antiquities dating back to prehistoric times.
  • Activities in the museum are not limited to the elderly only, but there are galleries and exhibitions specially designed to suit the tastes of young children, so there is a museum dedicated to them that receives family visits, and works to provide interactive activities for children through art workshops in Arabic and English, children learn Among those workshops are the most prominent modern technologies, in addition to inspiring them with various artistic ideas, and providing them with cultural knowledge.

Designed by the Louvre Abu Dhabi Architectural Museum

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