Lucerne Wooden Bridge is a witness to history

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Lucerne Wooden Bridge Witness history, before talking about the famous wooden bridge Lucerne we should quickly refer to the city of Lucerne and its importance and provide a brief overview of the city of Lucerne (bride of Switzerland).
Lucerne is one of the most important Swiss cities and it was the first among the cities that joined the Swiss Confederation, and it may be the first country to join as it is seen as one of the most important and prominent tourist attractions in Switzerland.
It is truly an icon of magic and beauty that can provide its visitors with a unique and integrated pleasure, as it is characterized by a charming nature, due to the fact that it is located on the two banks of the famous “Lucerne Lake” and settles among the Alps.
Not only that, it combines the folds of its details between the charm of nature and the splendor of architecture, and reflects a unique artistic painting full of life, enjoying the soft calm and giving its visitors a golden opportunity to practice their favorite hobbies.
It has a group of glittering mountain peaks, such as the “Reggae” summit and the “Pilatus” summit, which belongs to the Alpine group, and the highest of them is the “Atlas” summit, so she deserves the worthiness of what her fans called her.

Lucerne Wooden Bridge witness to history:

Chapel Bridge of Lucerne, History Story:

The famous Chapel Bridge, the legendary and charming bridge that captures minds and hearts together, and tells humanity the story of an achievement that blended the making of nature with the creativity of people, a tourist entity that has its roots in the depth of history.
Where it is attributed to the men of history a strong belief that this bridge dates back to the fourteenth century and is therefore the oldest wooden bridge covered in the city of Lucerne, but in Europe as a whole is a sign of the city of Lucerne and built for the purpose of protecting the city.
This bridge is distinguished by those impressive and impressive drawings that were engraved on it since the seventeenth century, where the number of drawings added to the roof of the bridge reaches 110 pictures, it would have remained a witness to this date to this day if it did not extend to her bad hand and most of it goes.
In 1993, enormous fires erupted, causing part of the bridge to be burnt and deformed and some features of its drawings hidden. It hid nearly 85 pictures, but the owners of this lofty entity refused to do their best to restore these pictures. Indeed, their efforts resulted in the restoration of approximately 25 drawings only .
Despite the restoration of the bridge and attempts to renovate it, there is a huge difference between the part that was subjected to combustion and the proper part. This was not the end of the story. To this day, images are renewed every year.
New groups are also added to serve as a novel that explores humanity in detail the development of life and the developments of the times in this country.

Geographical description of the bridge and its location:

This great bridge was built on the edges of the large sprawling lake to overlook the summit of “Pilatus” in the waters of the River Reuss in the city of Lucerne, which is located in the heart of Switzerland.
And while the Ruwais River divides the city into two separate parts, one known as the old city and the other known as the new city, the Chapel Bridge comes to serve as the connecting link between the two cities and connects them, inside the bridge there are souvenirs shops and from the south side of the bridge there is the famous water tower.

How to enjoy a trip through the Chapel Bridge:

Just walking over the Chapel Bridge is unparalleled pleasure, hoping for the River Ruwais and its charming waters, and taking memorial photos that record these unique moments with its richness and magnificence of its details, and you can also buy some souvenirs from the shops spread over the bridge to witness a journey of excitement and contemplation.
Viewing the bridge tunnel fees is also enough to take you on a fun time journey, as it clearly and sincerely tells you the stages and eras of this great archaeological building.
It is not uncommon for a lucky tourist to visit this unique landmark to enjoy a river cruise using the boat, to see and discover the secrets of the beauty of this city on the edge of the river.

Hotels near Chapel Bridge:

One of the most important elements of enjoying visiting any of the sights is that it is surrounded by a group of hotels near it, which provides the tourists with suitable and comfortable accommodation. There are several hotels near the Chamble Bridge.
Among them is the Grand National Hotel, which overlooks Lake Lucerne and the Hotel de Alp, one of the famous Lausanne hotels and is located right in front of the bridge.


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