Dubai has many luxurious tourism activities that you can enjoy if you want to experience its luxurious lifestyle, and we have prepared for you a list of the best of these activities!

1. Traveling to Dubai on Emirates First Class


Travel to Dubai on the first class of Emirates Airlines, with its luxurious services and absolute privacy, so that you will be able to shower while on the plane.

2. Arrival at the Burj Al Arab hotel in a private helicopter

Dubai includes some of the finest hotels in the world, the most important of which is the Burj Al Arab, which enjoys a stunning location on an artificial island and a unique design that looks like a sailing ship, and can be reached on board a private helicopter landing guests on the heliport on the twenty-eighth floor.

3. Stay in the luxurious Al Maha Desert Resort

This resort is located in the quiet desert of the close-up. The residence includes integrated spa services, in addition to free breakfast and free parking. The rooms are equipped with wireless internet (Wi-Fi) and elegant Bedouin elements, as well as private pools.

4. Pamper yourself at the One & Only Royal Mirage Spa

This luxurious resort offers a wide range of relaxing private treatments, with 12 private rooms as well as bathtubs, massage rooms, a Jacuzzi, and traditional oriental baths with warm massage tables. It is worth noting that the resort provides treatment sessions for men and women at separate times.

5. Rent a Ferrari in Dubai

It is very common to see some of the most luxurious cars being launched in the streets of Dubai, and while driving a Ferrari may be a dream in other parts of the world, in Dubai you can rent a Bentley or Austin Martin or a Lamborghini or Ferrari and drive it across Dubai.
Please note that the minimum driving age in Dubai is 21 years.

6. Embark on a private yacht cruise

Relax on a luxury yacht as you sail around the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis and Burj Al Arab, and we advise you to sail on one of the traditional Dhow sailing boats, while you enjoy Emirati music, belly dancing paragraphs and delicious meals, and the trip fee includes grills, drinks, live music shows and scuba diving using a breathing tube. .

7. Withdrawing gold from ATMs in Dubai

This information may be out of date now, but in Dubai three out of twenty ATMs are the only gold in the world. Gold-to-go automatic teller machine is a innovation and manufacture of the German company TG Gold-supermarket, through which it can buy 320 different gold pieces including 24 karat 1, 5 and 10 gram gold bars, gold coins and even jewelry!

8. Spend a day playing beauty polo

Polo originated mainly in the Middle East about 2500 years ago, and although some may not find the idea of ​​practicing it on the back of beauty a nice idea, it is a sport that has its pioneers in Dubai, and you should watch it or even participate in it during your visit to Dubai.

9. Sleep at a height of more than 300 meters at the JW Marriott Hotel

At the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, you can sleep in one of its four wings on the sixty-ninth floor, which is 355 meters above sea level. The Guinness Book of Records entered the hotel with its steep rise, after breaking the previous record registered in the name of the Rose Tower Hotel Dubai, which reaches a height of 333 meters.

10. Have a delicious dinner on the Heliport in Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab hotel offers its guests many unique experiences, especially in the heliport, which has gained great fame when hosting the friendly tennis match between André Agassi and Roger Federer. But this luxury is not just for celebrities, you can also book your own dinner at the Heliport.

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