Macau Island in Hong Kong

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Macau Island in Hong Kong

Macau is located in the People’s Republic of China, in the city of Hong Kong specifically, which is a small area considered to be a tourist attraction, and in the year 1999 AD it became an administrative region of the People’s Republic of China after it was a Portuguese colony, and it occupies a very small region, that is, less than 30 Km².


It is considered one of the most densely populated regions, with a population of 18,428 per square kilometer, and the Chinese make up about 95% of the total population, while the population of Portuguese origin is about 2%, and there are approximately 47 of the population born in China, and Macao has the lowest rates Childbirth in the world, due to the dependence of population growth on immigrants from the Chinese mainland, and from other countries, with an average age of 84.36 years, and has been classified as one of the countries where the child mortality rate is low.
Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages, and English, Mandarin and Min Nan are used in local communities, and there is a minority of the population who speak Creole.
Due to its economy’s dependence on tourism to a large extent, where we find about 14.6% of the workforce working in restaurants and hotels, and the opening of the resorts has led to a shortage of manpower in other areas, so the government started importing the workforce from the neighboring regions.


The island’s economy depends to a large extent on tourism, as it includes other economic activities, such as the export of textiles, and financial and banking services, where the revenues from behind the textiles reach 75%, while tourism revenues constitute more than half of the island’s GDP, which is approximately 70% Of the government’s financial income.
It is considered one of the founding countries of the World Trade Organization, and it is a member of the International Monetary Fund, as it maintains strong and continuous economic relations from many countries, including the European Union, and the World Bank considers Macao’s economy among the high-income countries, where the gross domestic product in The year 2006 AD is about 28,436,2006 USD.


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