If you want to enjoy a fun trip in the beautiful italyn city, here are a group of things that you should do there, and make sure that you will have a good time and make a trip you will not forget.

Visit the Romen Forum

This place was a symbol of civil pride for 1,000 years, and its importance increased 3000 years ago, and over many centuries the Romen Forum was the heart of public life in ancient Rome, where popular celebrations and government elections were held, and it was a center for delivering public speeches and conducting public trials and offering fighting to death Among the prisoners.

Visit the Vatican City

The Vatican is the smallest country in the world, and it covers only 120 acres. It is a religious city that includes more than 550 citizens. It is chaired by the Pope, but it contains many religious tourist attractions that should be seen and identified, inside it there is the ornate St. Peter’s Church, the Sistine Chapel, lush gardens and many Among the museums that include paintings of leading artists and the most famous painters, in addition to collections of Egyptian, Greek and Romen antiquities.

Visit the Pantheon

One of the most famous buildings, which was a temple to all ancient Romen deities, and the building continued to be used throughout history, and it is likely that its design dates back to Emperor Trajan Apollodros, and since the seventh century the building has been used as a Christian church, and its architectural design made it one of the best and most wonderful buildings in the world.

Visit the Galleria Borghese Museum

One of the greatest small museums in the world, the museum houses a large number of sculptures and paintings as well as many classic works belonging to the Renaissance and other ages. The place was a beautiful villa belonging to the seventeenth century, located on large green areas, and the Galleria Borghese Museum has returned since 1997, after nearly twenty years of undergoing restoration and maintenance.

Visit Ostia Antica

One of the oldest archaeological sites in Rome and one of the most important areas in ancient Rome, at the beginning it was used as a simple fortress, but with the increase in the strength of Rome, it became more important, especially as it was a center for selling grains and it is one of the most important commodities in ancient Rome, which was used to feed a million Breath of its inhabitants, and the site contains a collection of Romen buildings and frescoes. Ostia is about three kilometers from Lido di Ostia, a suburb of Rome, south of Leonardo Da Vinci Airport.

Visit San Clemente

There is no other place in Rome that gives you a glimpse into life in ancient Rome such as San Clemente, which is rich in cultural riches as well as tourist attractions, and there are many churches and buildings that are distinguished for their design.

Visit the Colosseum

It is not possible to visit Rome without going to the Coliseum, which is a giant Romen amphitheater located in the center of the city. The amphitheater contains many wonders such as the Arch of Constantine, and other relics belonging to the ancient Romen emperors and rulers.

Visit the Capitoline Museum

One of the most beautiful italyn museums, built in 1471, after Pope Sixtus IV donated some bronze statues to those in charge of it. Romen.

Visit the Romen National Museum

The Romen National Museum includes a distinctive classic art collection, and varied and wonderful displays of mosaic mural paintings, which is composed of 4 floors, and in the ground floor rooms there are exhibits dating back to the Greek times in addition to the portraits of the Republican and imperial era of the Romens, and on the same floor there is the magnificent statue of Augustus, which includes the floor The first is a military statues embodying the most important fighters in that period, in addition to distinctive and unique coffins that tell the scenes of bloody battles. As for the second floor of the museum, the greatness of Romen architecture appears through figures for the decoration of homes and houses in Rome, and through the basement The visitor can watch a group Mummies Grotarosa amazing.

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