Mahmoud Pasha Market Turkey is the most popular Istanbul market

المسافرون العرب

Comprehensive information on the Mahmoud Pasha Istanbul market, Istanbul has many popular markets, most of which date back more than five centuries ago, and these markets still follow the old traditional style, and these markets provide visitors with large groups of the finest commodities at affordable prices, including clothes, vegetables, fruit and goods Copper, leather goods, many handicrafts, textiles, and more.

Mahmoud Pasha Market:

We review in detail on the Arab Arab travelers, the location of Mahmoud Pasha market in the Yunnan region in Istanbul and the history of the establishment of the market dates back to the year 1462 AD during the reign of Sultan Mehmed II, and is considered one of the largest and most crowded and popular markets in the city, as it includes thousands of stores that are interested in selling household appliances and clothing In all its forms and various types, besides it includes a number of stores that specialize in selling women’s accessories, in addition to the presence of many mobile phone stores, electrical appliances, accessories, shoes and bags, the market provides its visitors with all the needs they need besides it T have the freedom to choose between many local and international brands, known for its market that includes many of the shops that are interested to sell women’s clothes and evening dresses and children’s clothing, leather and is famous for selling the best raw materials and the best price products.

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Signed :

Mahmoud Pasha Market has a great location in the Amuneni region on the European side of Istanbul, where it is close to the Egyptian spice market, as it is located in the most vital areas of Istanbul near a number of high-end hotels in Istanbul such as Fair Holt, Yuman, Siest and Holt Istanbul, and this market has a great place with hearts The locals and tourists, who come to it continuously throughout the year, and the market is in the same metro station where the Sulaymaniyah Mosque is located, where it is possible to enter the market through the main gate located by commitment, as it is located in the northern side after the second corridor that leads to the bazaar.

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Market dates:

The doors of Mahmoud Pasha market are opened for 12 hours daily, as it opens its doors starting from eight in the morning until eight in the evening, and work continues in the market throughout the week except on Sunday, in addition to the days of festivals, official references and events.

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