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Ma’in baths in Jordan

Hammam Ma’in is one of the famous tourist places in Jordan, about 58 m away from the southern side in Amman, as it is located 27 meters from Madaba, and it is characterized by its depression from the sea surface, reaching about 120 m, and perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes it is the presence of many springs inside it , As it reaches about 63 springs with varying temperatures, and in this article we will mention some detailed information about it in general.

Tourist facilities in Ma’in baths

The Ma’in Hammamet is characterized by the presence of many hotel resorts in it. It also includes meeting rooms, saunas, a swimming pool, and distinctive restaurants overlooking the mountains and various waterfalls, in addition to that it contains an integrated and comprehensive health center.

Description of Ma’in baths

Ma’in baths are located in the most attractive places in Amman, where they are surrounded by high mountains, which are divided by boiling water from the summit of Mount Basalti. Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes them is its warm climate, as it can be visited at all times, especially in the winter.

Benefits of Ma’in bath water

  • It is considered to be rich in water such as carbon dioxide, calcium, soda, sulfur, copper and magnesium, in addition to radon.
  • Reduces the possibility of various heart diseases.
  • It improves blood circulation in the body, thus preventing diseases.
  • Maintains healthy skin, thus protecting it from various diseases such as: psoriasis, eczema, and acne.
  • It treats bone pain.
  • Reduces pain in rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Prevent muscle pain.
  • Reduces back pain and herniated disc.
  • It maintains muscle health, thus protecting it from various diseases, the most important of which is cramping.
  • It reduces the possibility of developing varicose veins, due to its effective ability to prevent blood congestion inside.
  • It improves mood, thus preventing fatigue and nervous tension.
  • It gives the body freshness and vitality, and keeps it from inactivity and laziness.
  • It stimulates the secretion of the body’s glands, perhaps the most important of which is the endocrine glands, as it stimulates and strengthens them.
  • Prevent sinus infections.
  • Reduces the possibility of nasal obstruction and congestion.
  • It keeps the feet healthy, thus protecting against swelling.
  • It maintains the health of the respiratory system, thus protecting against various diseases that affect it, perhaps the most important of which are asthma and bronchitis.
  • Clean the chest and lungs from nicotine deposits from smoking.

Methods of hospitalization with Ma’in bath water

  • You can shower in boiling water with a shower.
  • Use of a hydrotherapy bed treatment.
  • Treatment by Jacuzzi.
  • Electricity can be treated.
  • Treatment with inhalation of mineral water vapor, and taking advantage of the elements and compounds contained therein.
  • Physical therapy, usually under the supervision of professional supervisors.
  • Various water aerobics can be practiced.

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