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the moldive Islands

The Maldives or the Republic of Maldives is an independent country consisting of 1020 atolls, which is an Asian country located in the Indian Ocean southwest of the Indian subcontinent, and opposite the western coasts of Ceylon in Sri Lanka, and the area of ​​the Maldives is 90,000 km² while the total area of ​​the Maldives is 298 km², That is, 99% of the area consists of water, and the Maldives are distributed on only 185 islands, where the other islands are used for tourism and agriculture, and the Maldives is considered one of the tourist countries, as it is characterized by its beautiful beaches and huge fish wealth, and it is one of the preferred islands in the tourist destinations of visitors looking for About relaxing And recreation in the beautiful nature.

Naming the Maldives

Dhuhr al-Muhal, or Mahalidib, is the well-known name that the Arabs used to call the Maldives, and the word Mahalidib is the original name for the word Maldives, and Dhibat al-Mahal is the name that the inhabitants of these islands still call their country, and the official name of these islands is Al-Raji Al-Raji, i.e. Its independence in 1965 AD after Britain left these islands, and the Dhivehi language, which contains many Arabic words, is the official language in the country.

Residents of the Maldives

The indigenous people of the Maldives are considered the Dervid dynasty of Kerala in the period of Sangam in the year 300 BC, and it is mentioned that they are fishermen who came from the Indian subcontinent and the coasts of Sri Lanka, as well as many peoples settled such as: the people of Giravarun, Gujarat during the era of the Indus Valley civilization, and in the century Fifth BC The Sinhalese Buddhists came from India and Sri Lanka, as the Arabs came to it, and Islam spread in it in 1153 AD until all its inhabitants became Muslims, and in 1558 AD the Portuguese occupied it during their exploration trips to various parts of the world, then it became a British protectorate from 1887 AD to In 1965 AD, when I gave up Of Britain for political reasons.

The capital of the Maldives

The city of Mali or Male is the capital of the Maldives being the largest city on the island, and the length of this island is 2 km and a width of 1 km, and is famous for its cleanliness, and the spread of mosques in it, surrounded by buildings on all sides.

Tourism in the Maldives

The Maldives is considered one of the most beautiful tourist islands in the Indian Ocean, as its beaches are characterized by white sand surrounded by sea water in azure color, and tall palm trees, so many tourist resorts dedicated to spending holidays and recreation on the islands have been established.
Visitors can also go diving in the ocean to see beautiful coral reefs, especially in coral islands, marine caves, beautifully colored fish, as well as friendly, non-hostile turtles and sharks.


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