Maldives in the Indian Ocean

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the moldive Islands

Maldives, or what is officially known as the Republic of Maldives, which is a region consisting mainly of a group of small islands that are located in the continent of Asia and specifically in the Indian Ocean, and this republic is considered one of the Muslim republics, where most of the population embraces the Islamic religion, and this island is marked by a line pass The leveling of it from the south, and the ancient Arabs called it the Dhu’ib al-Muhal, or Mahlib, which is believed to have been misrepresented until it became known as the Maldives.

History of the Maldives

These islands were subject to the rule of Britain for a period of approximately 78 years, as they were considered a British protectorate, and they gained their independence in 1965, and its capital is Male City, and the Maldives is considered one of the member states in the Commonwealth of Nations, where it joined this union in 1982.

Maldives in the Buddhist period

Buddhism entered the Maldives at the time of the expansion of the Emperor known as Ashoka, where Buddhism became the main religion of the people of the islands, and remained so until the twelfth century, as the kings who ruled these islands promoted Buddhism, and it is indicated that the first Maldivian writings and artistic achievements It was a distinguished form of sculpture with a high degree of sophistication and engineering.

Maldives in the Islamic era

The entry of Islam to this island was mentioned by decrees written on a group of copper plates at the end of the twelfth century, where the Moroccan traveler known as Ibn Battuta wrote when he visited these islands in the fourteenth century that Abu Al-Barakat Al-Barbar was responsible for spreading the Islamic religion in this The islands, and the Arabic language was its official language instead of the Persian and Urdu languages, which were the dominant languages ​​in the neighboring Islamic countries, and these islands belonged to the Maliki school of Islamic jurisprudence.

Politics in the Maldives

The policy in these islands is characterized by being located within the framework of the presidential republic, where the president is the head of government, as he heads the executive authority of the country, and appoints ministers in various fields, and he runs for a period of up to five years, where this is done through a secret ballot conducted by the council or what is known In Parliament, this assembly prevents the non-Muslim population from enjoying the right to vote.

Geography of the Maldives

The Maldives contains approximately 1190 atolls that are grouped in a series made up of approximately 26 atolls, where these atolls contain a set of living cracks and dirt barriers.


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