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the moldive Islands

The Maldives is one of the most beautiful islands on the planet, surrounded by the waters of the Indian Ocean has added beauty and elegance to its weather and nature.


Maldives is located near the equator as it cuts from its south, and it occupies a special place on the Asian continent, floating floating on the waters of the Indian Ocean, and the Maldives is a series of 26 separate islands, which together form what are known as the Maldives, and live It has more than 400 thousand people who came to it from different regions of the earth.


Islamic religion occupies a large and very high percentage of the religion of its inhabitants. Abu Barakat Al-Barbar opened it at the end of the twelfth century and was a reason for spreading the Islamic religion in it, so it built mosques and built places of worship, and rituals of Islamic worship spread among the population.

Geography and climate

The Maldives is characterized by its humid and temperate atmosphere, surrounded by the Indian Ocean, which absorbs the temperature and gives it a pleasant atmosphere, with an average temperature of 27 degrees, an average rainfall of 3200 mm annually, and its atmosphere in the evening is characterized by a blowing breeze mixed with the wonderful scent of the ocean.


  • tourism: The Maldives is famous for its tourism, which occupies 28% of its economy, so many people go to it via Mali International Airport, and resorts and hotels have been established to contain the large number of tourists.
  • Agriculture: The occurrence of the Maldives in the Equator region made its land fertile for cultivation and suitable for many crops such as citrus fruits, fruits and vegetables, which made it a source of livelihood for many of its inhabitants.
  • fishing: The waters of the Maldives are distinguished by the abundance of large fish wealth, as people resort to fishing and selling fish through local markets or exporting to neighboring countries.
  • Industry: After discovering the Maldives and increasing the number of arrivals there, many industries spread in them to keep pace with the global and technological development, so factories built and occupied many workforce from the inhabitants, which provided them with a stable and high source of income.
  • The language: The people of the Maldives speak Maldivian, which is a language very close to Arabic.
  • Science: The flag contains many colors, including red, which indicates the blood of the martyrs and the sacrifices made for the Maldives after its liberation from the British occuAl Bahahn in 1965 AD. It also contains the green color that forms the rectangle surrounding the crescent and indicates peace spread among its people, in addition to the white crescent, which It indicates the religion of the people of the Maldives, which is Islam.

Maldives video

Watch the video for more information on the Maldives.

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