Malls and markets in Macau … your good reason to visit this city

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Macau is a quick stop station if you choose to take a ferry from Hong Kong, so that you can connect it directly from the international airport and get your luggage in Macau, perhaps it is not a very popular tourist destination for travelers like Hong Kong’s shopping lover, but it should be on your list, Here is an important reason to visit It is shopping at The most famous malls and markets in Macao , As well as many of the tourist places that we talked about in our previous topic.

An amazing eastern piece of China with western influence left by Portugal, thus you can describe Macau in one phrase, as for the sights of shopping and food, you will find everything that suits you, from traditional restaurants to modern and international, and from street markets to luxury malls and designer stores and high-end brands.
For good and affordable merchandise, head to one of the “The Sands Shoppes” stores, which offer around 850 duty-free stores in five locations, all providing a premium experience, and you can find them in each of the Four Seasons, Grand Canal, Macau and Phenician Resort , Parisian Macau Chops and Choppies in Cotai Central.
On this topic, we will walk you around ten The best malls and markets in Macau , Do not miss it during your next visit, and do not claim that it is too expensive compared to Hong Kong, because you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for.

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The best malls and markets in Macau

Malls and markets in Macau ... your good reason to - Malls and markets in Macau ... your good reason to visit this cityInside the Macau Macau Resort

1- The Chops in Macau, Paris – the taste of France … offers and discounts

The new Macau Parisian hotel is a French design hotel with a shopping center and a huge entertainment complex that contains entertainment opportunities in the French streets and an Eiffel tower model in half its real size .. It is a destination to visit on your trip to Macau.
To shop here you will find more than 140 stores that offer many French brands such as Delsey, Garrill, Eagle, Daniel Hechter, British brands such as Pura Axo and italyn luxury brand Antonia.
And if you do not want to shop, staying in a luxury hotel, eating in one of the French and international restaurants, or accompanying your children to the “Aqua World” water park or going for a massage session in “Spatic” are all reasons that make Parisian Macau a destination worth going to for fun and enjoyment. Classical French architecture.

2- The Showbase at Kutai Central .. Souvenirs

The “The Shops” souvenir stores in Cotai Central offer a mid-level shopping experience for families, and also offer a mix of restaurants, retail and tourist attractions. The most important part here is that this mall is part of Sands Shops where you will find duty-free stores.
There are more than 140 stores here that include women’s fashion that are found in stores such as Aimer, Central Central, Concept, Justinie, Karen Millen, Marella, Marling, Nine West, Oysho, Siphon and others, in addition to jewelry stores Luke Fook and Swarovski.
Recreational attractions are suitable for families with children, through two areas for games and dreams, Planet G, and for food, you will also find Pacific Cafe, McDonald’s, italyn Bene Restaurants, Edo Japanese, in addition to various Chinese restaurants.
1581237642 238 Malls and markets in Macau ... your good reason to - Malls and markets in Macau ... your good reason to visit this cityThe Venetian Macau Resort shops … the most famous malls and markets in Macau

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3- The Grand Canal Shops .. Grand Canal Shops

These souvenir shops are located on the third floor of the Venetian Resort Hotel Resort, which is one of Macao’s largest indoor shopping malls, so if you are looking for luxury merchandise then without a doubt this will be your first destination.
Grand Canal Shops has a total commercial space of 968 thousand square feet, and has more than 350 stores that offer the best brands in fashion, jewelry, accessories, gifts, services and sporting goods. If you are a football fan or a fan of Manchester United, you will find the first interactive football store in Asia.
Besides, you can find many international restaurants and cafes here, this place is a gourmet paradise in Macau, where you can try sweets and pies at Choi Hong Yong Bakery, or Ki Wah Bakery, and there are also many fine restaurants.

4- New Yaohan shop .. and its commercial outlets

New Yaohan Department Store, Macau’s largest shopping center, is located on South Bay Business Street, just a few minutes’ walk from the heart of the city. The business area is 11,000 square feet spread over nine floors, and there is also a supermarket and parking.
New Yohan is number one in supplying many famous and luxurious brands of cosmetics, fashion, shoes, handbags, clothes, household goods and electrical appliances, besides the Department Store, it also operates seven different outlets in each of the Phenician Resort; Four Seasons Hotel and One Central Mall.
The store includes the most famous fashion brands and many international brands, such as Burberry, Calvin Klein, Chloe, D & G, Armani, Dunhill, Ferragamo, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Chanel, Christian Dior and many more.
1581237642 747 Malls and markets in Macau ... your good reason to - Malls and markets in Macau ... your good reason to visit this cityCotai Strip between Venetian Macau and Four Seasons Shops … duty-free market paradise

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5- The shops at Four Seasons

It is the first luxury mall in Macau, with a very favorable location for tourists, as it is located in a private building between the Four Seasons Hotel and the Phenician Resort, and the most prominent thing that awaits you there is the Diffus International duty-free stores.
The mall has a 210,000 sq. Ft. Business space that offers high-end products across more than 160 luxury brands such as Audemars Piguet, Bottega Veneta, Dior, Cartier, Gucci, Rocks, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Etro, Jeeves and Hawks among others.
The stores here are located far apart from each other thanks to the large spaces, where you can enjoy the luxury of shopping for various cosmetics, shoes, handbags, clothes, watches and jewelry, and after shopping you can enjoy the only fish spa in Macau.

6- Macao Central .. in the heart of the city

Located in the heart of the city, this mall is the only major shopping destination for this brand in Macau, located near the Gulf of South Lake, and gives you a great view of the peninsula.
The mall’s commercial façade features a total area of ​​200,000 square feet, elegantly lined with dazzling facades of double and multi department stores for a range of world-leading luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Cartier, Emporio Armani, Marc Jacobs and many more.
Here you can get all the cosmetics, luxury brands, shoes, handbags, clothes, household goods and electrical appliances you need. You need to walk a few minutes from the peninsula’s tourism center.
1581237642 209 Malls and markets in Macau ... your good reason to - Malls and markets in Macau ... your good reason to visit this cityThe Red Market is the oldest market in Macau

7- The Red Market .. The Red Market

When visiting Macau, you should not miss the red market because it has many characteristics that characterize this city, its geographical location at the intersection of Avenida Almirante Laserda and Avenida Horta e Costa streets on the Macau Peninsula.
You can find a variety of local or domestic seafood from the mainland of China, as well as poultry, fish, meat, vegetables, dried food, fresh fruits and flowers are sold out.
On the market you can also find various commodities like clothes, shoes, jeans, blouses and shirts of all sizes and styles, in fact we can say that the red market will help you a lot if you need to stay long in Macau.

8- Macau Creations..Here are the creations of Macao

During the last centuries Chinese and foreign culture blended here, and the different tastes of the culture that incorporated those eastern and western flavors in everyday life were born, and due to the influence of the southern European atmosphere and the burgeoning entertainment industry, Macau became a destination that attracted many tourists every day.
In addition to these clear urban appearances, you will also find the rich and wonderful Macau culture waiting for you. Macao Creations is Macao’s largest private-owned creative brand, displaying and selling artwork and creativity created by a group of professional artists.
Do not miss Macau Creations for beautiful souvenirs, and there is a small shop located near the ruins of St. Paul’s Church and another location in Macau Tower, and even if you are not going to buy something, you can still enjoy the art gallery located downstairs.
1581237642 327 Malls and markets in Macau ... your good reason to - Malls and markets in Macau ... your good reason to visit this citySenado Square is one of the most important shopping spots in Macau

9 – Senado Square..and its shops

Away from the malls and shopping malls in Macau, in the heart of the old part of the city you will find these famous Macau streets branching from Senado Square as well as the small side alleys filled with local shoppers and tourists alike.
Pedestrian paths start from the square of the fountain and reach the ruins of St. Paul’s Church, and there are lined shops of various brands such as Nine West and Lancome, many clothing brands, shoe stores and street restaurants.
As you stroll around you will also find the textile stores and tea stores that the Chinese are famous for, not to mention the art and craftsmanship that will keep the curious shopper roaming here for long hours.

10- The flea market in Taipa … the weekly outdoor market

“Taipa Flea Market” is a small weekly market that takes place every Sunday in Pompieros Square in Taipa Village, with many commodity stalls, used souvenirs, local handicrafts, toys, clothes and other people’s items lined up for sale.
The open market from 11 am to 8 pm is a place that may be very cute thanks to the things you will find there, in addition to the corridors that were painted in bright colors, and the market often hosts music and dance shows from four to five in the evening.
You can also find many delicious snacks here, as many food lovers come every Sunday to eat street food prepared by the locals.

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