Manbej city

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Manbej city

Mabanj city is one of the cities affiliated to Aleppo Governorate in the state of Syria, and it is one of the ancient cities in Syria in addition to the whole world, as its presence dates back two thousand years BC, located in Manbij on a flat land, and is bordered on the east by the Euphrates River, and on the north by the Sagur River, From the southern side, Abu Qalqal, and its height from the sea reaches 475 meters.

The city clearly consists of a nucleus in the shape of an oval, but modern urbanization is most prominent in the elliptical shape, and it buys about 351 farms, and approximately 285 villages, in addition to three areas, which are each of the Khafsah, Abu Qalqal and Maskana, and its population in 2005 was estimated at 85 Thousand people.

Manbij names

The city of Manbij has been named after many names, one of which is Nambiji, and this name was given during the Assyrian era, and the name of Nabiju in the Aramaic era, in addition to the names of Nabuj and Mabj, and these two names refer to the spring, while its current name is Manbij, it comes back to the Syriac language and means the source, and it gained its name this From the presence of a large and great spring in it and is called the spring of Rum.

History of the city of Manbij

The city of Manbij is one of the ancient and ascetic cities, but due to time it was destroyed and lost, but it regained its civilization and prosperity during the Hittite era, and it continued to grow during Aramaic time. This time, the city at this time was named after Hierapolis, and this name means Holy City.

While its current name returns to the word Mabug, which is one of the Hittite terminology, and this name accompanied it since ancient times, after which it became the city of Manbij, the religious capital of the Arameans, and for many people it was considered the holy city.

Some of its inhabitants converted to Christianity during the middle of the third century AD, and in the fifteenth century of migration, Islam was introduced to it by Abu Ubaidah Ayyad bin Ghanem, who opened it during the same year, and after that it was chaired by the poet Abu Firas Al-Hamdani, and thus it became one of the Hamdanid Emirates, During this phase, it was one of the main suppliers of the Al-Hamdania state with cotton and various types of grains. It was also famous for making clothes, carpets, and other handicrafts.

The effects of the city of Manbij

Manbij includes many tourist monuments, including Manbij Castle, which is located in the center of the city, but at the present time there are only the dome, and some monuments are spread here and there, and that its construction was aimed at obtaining security, and defending the city, as well as the wall of the Mabanj that was completed He mentioned it on the lips of many writers, such as the words of al-Hamy al-Hamwi in the dictionary of countries. He said:
Manbij: By opening, then still, a pandemic is broken, unified and Jim: It is an ancient country, and I think it is only Romans, and some of them mentioned that the first of those who built it was fracture, when he overcame the Levant, and called it (who is in it) that is, I am the finest, so I went, so it was said Manbij.


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