Map of the tourist places in Bursa, learn about the most important tourist attractions in Bursa, where Bursa is one of the most prominent Turkish cities and a center that attracts tourists to it, and many call it “the gift of God” and it was called in the Ottoman era “Khadd Ndkar”, but today it is known as the “green stock exchange” Its name may be due to its natural and historical areas that attract tourists to it, and a huge number of visitors come annually to it, because it is very close to Istanbul, the first Turkish city, where Bursa is about an hour away from Istanbul by ship, and the means of transportation that is used between Istanbul And the stock exchange is one of the most important means of transportation Om will review the most important tourist attractions you the stock exchange.

Map of tourist places in Bursa – the most important tourist attractions in Bursa:

If you intend to travel for tourism on a stock exchange, it is considered one of the most important cities that exist in Turkey, where there are a lot of wonderful tourist places that make your trip more enjoyable and exciting, and the most important tourist attractions that exist in the stock exchange:

  • Green Mosque:

The area was concentrated in relation to the history of the Green Mosque, and the mosque has the Emperor Vesper “Yesil” which is nearby, and also the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts at the historical school, and in the east there is the Yesil Complex and Prince Sultan Mosque, which makes visitors accept it from all over the world.
  • City center:

  • The city center or the center of staying as it is called is the heart of history for the city of Bursa, as it is the commercial and cultural center of Bursa, and the center extends over a large area and is one of the largest cultural, commercial and historical centers that exist in the city of Bursa.
  • Hot springs:

Al Borsa city is famous for this place, which is characterized by its hot mineral water, and there are many hotels that have been built to come to people from all over the world to shower with this hot water, as it contains the old mosque that attracts attention and also the grave of its founder, so if you intend to make a visit Ottoman mosques and enjoy watching their beautiful buildings, distinct mosques, and hot showers. Rent a car so that it is easy to reach and enjoy everything in it.

  • Uludag:

Uludag Mountain belongs to the ancient province of Albetenia, and its height is about 2543 km approximately, and it was named by this name the proportion of Uludag who built the mountain on its slopes.

  • Lake Aznik:

Lake Aznik is one of the largest lakes in Turkey, and the first in the Marmara region in the stock exchange, and it is one of the most important beautiful tourist places where it was declared as a natural reserve, it is possible to practice all water sports in it, and there is also the Al-Wbat Lake, which is a natural reserve, and there More than 7 natural islands that can be enjoyed to discover a more pleasant rest through it, besides enjoying the sale of Soo Augto, it represents a place for receiving springs, and enjoying the sound of waterfalls and spring sales, and there is Soto Augusto ten kilometers away from Mustafa Kemal Pasha area, and it is found in That region has more than 11 Whitsa fountains A cat at a height of 38 meters to the waterfall, which results in a beautiful sound that makes its visitors less burdensome. It is possible to have some favorite meals in the restaurants that are located in the small waterfall. Do not miss to visit Lake Aznik when you are visiting Bursa.

  • Coltur Park:

    You can enjoy many entertainment places that are in Bursa, for example, you can visit Kultur Park, and it is considered one of the largest entertainment destinations in Bursa, and it was established since 1955 AD, and when you visit it you will enjoy the diversity of activities that you can do. For all members of the family, and also you will find walking paths and water fountains that give the place a picturesque natural place, and there is a playground for children to spend quality time in it. There is a small amusement park called Luna Park, and it has a lot of traditional children’s toys, so Multator Park is one of the most important tourist areas in Bursa That we are attracted to For tourists, especially young children in order to enjoy Bolaabha outstanding.

  • Zoo:

The zoo and the bird’s paradise have been opened, and it was established because Cultur Park could not contain birds and animals in it, so it must provide a better place to contain them and to provide them with a normal life, and it has become one of the main areas for which the tourist is attracted.

  • Historic villages:

When you visit the city of Bursa, do not miss the visit of the Ottoman Village and Cameli Kizik, which is one of the most important villages in the region, and you can visit it, it is located 13 kilometers to the east of Ankara, and it may date back more than 700 years ago, and it is one of the rare villages That managed to preserve the Ottoman architectural building, and has so far been able to preserve its style of traditional life.

  • Bursa city museums:

The city of Bursa owns many distinguished museums and you should not miss the opportunity to visit it, including the built Iznbik Museum, which is considered one of the most important examples of ancient Ottoman architecture, and may return to the year 1388 AD, when Sultan Murad I ordered to build it for his mother Nilofar Khanu, and also the Turkish Arts Museum Islamic and its foundation may be dated to 1419 AD, when Sultan Mehmed ordered the construction of a mosque, grave, and school building, and the school became a museum in the year 1975 AD.

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